Clan Wars Listing Invitation
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Clan Wars Listing invitation

WiiHD is a huge fan of online gaming, but not just any online gaming. Core gaming in genres like racing, fighting, and shooters. So now we want to do our part to help the core Clan community on Wii make themselves known and increase their membership. We will begin listing notable clans that actively engage in clan wars in games like Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. We will however keep the gates, so not just any clan listing will be accepted. Rules for who will be listed and who will be forthcoming.

To apply to be listed, fill out the questionnaire after the break. Questionnaires will only be accepted from the official clan leader, however feel free to have part or your entire clan participate in answering the questions.

Check out the WiiHD Clan Directory

Clan Wars Questionnaire

Who are some of your best players and what is their specialty?

Can you describe one (or more of your favorite clan war(s) or scrimmage(s)?

Does your clan use Voice Chat, and if so, What kind? Is it required for membership?

Who is your favorite clan to play against? Why?

What do you like most about MoHH2?

Does your clan participate in other games, like MKWii or SSBB?

What Wii title is your clan most looking forward to?

What features would you most like to see in future online games?

What genre of online Wii games would you most like to see expanded?

Please ask yourself any question(s) here you feel I should have asked, and answer them.

Make a pitch for someone to join your clan. Please include links to your site, chatbox and
anywhere else you'd like potential members to have access to.

You may post (no registration necessary) the answers in this post, or post them at your forum and post a link here.


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