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Honor's Wrath (HW)


We're laid back, nuff said

Who are some of your best players and what is their specialty?

—-Dragonsly; he doesn't afraid afraid of anything.

HW's Website and Chatbox: http://honorswrath.darkbb.com/

See HW's full WiiHD Profile: HW's Profile

Bravo Company (BC)


Bravo Company is a very active clan with a lot of members. We have a lot of fun and are very competitive.

Who are some of your best players and what is their specialty?

Somebody114 - beast with everything; Rzarect - Mp40 beast; Dru - Amazing STG ;
Jk7 - pretty good with most things; Halfgenius bronx and nybx - shotgunners; Crazybrojr- crazy sniper.

BC Chatbox: http://bravoco.tk
BC Messageboard: http://mohbravocompany.proboards101.com

See BC's full WiiHD Profile: BC's Profile

Fatal Five (F5)


Join F5 at fatal-5.co.nr. We are undefeated in no-nade wars, in which we have defeated clans by at LEAST 50 points. Our forums are VERY active, as well as our chabox, which usually has 20 people on a day. Not only that but we have 1-3 clan wars per week.

Who are some of your best players and what is their specialty?

We have no 'best players'. All of our players are equally awesome, but our most popular player would be F5Wonka. Our specialty is our team work - we were always complimented by other clans after our no-nade wars, and those clans told us we have very good team work.

F5 Chatbox and Messageboard: http://fatal-5.co.nr

See F5's full WiiHD Profile: F5's Profile

Wii Troopers (WT)


The Wii Troopers are the top ranked clan in all competitive online Wii games. We pride ourselves on taking a methodical, intelligent approach to team gaming. WT members have the privilege of competing with the best of each game. Private events, tons of competition, rapid gameplay enhancement. We are a great community for the serious gamer. WT admission is difficult, but worth the struggle.

Who are some of your best players and what is their specialty?

All of our players are top level and considered the best for their specific weapon classes.
wtZzz - SMG; tyson2007rip - SMG; Dr. Elite - Bazooka; Jontaru9 - LMG; wtMessakiN - shotgun; HaggertyLax - SMG / Sniper; JTRamboman - Sniper; wtMarkquiroz aka wtGuest - SMG; snake2250 - LMG / Sniper; DreamR - Sniper (WTa sub)

WT's Website: http://www.wtclan.com

See WT's full WiiHD Profile: WT's Profile

Art of Wii (AoW)


AoW was one of the first clans on the MoHH2 scene and has had more clan wars than ANY other clan. We are very active in MoHH2 and are trying to be just as active in our SSBB and MKWii divisions. Chat box link is on the site so come by and see what we're all about; it's better to experience AoW than read about it. We like to win, but we also like to have fun. We're on a hot streak now so if you've been on the fence, JOIN NOW! See ya soon.

Who are some of your best players and what is their specialty?

AG-thompson,mp40 Barr-mp40,bar b4nshee-mp40, aredd007-mp40,shotgun, nades(lol), Devildog-thompson,mp40

AoW's website: http://aowii.ipbfree.com

See AoW's full WiiHD Profile: AoW's Profile

Sons of Liberty (SoL)


Our clan is very chill. We like to relax and have a good time. We are very active in MoHH2 and have daily practice, and clan wars every week. Our website is ClanSoL.tk or sol.xpt.net . Click the site portal in the upper left hand corner for out chatbox.

Who are some of your best players and what is their specialty?

We have some very elite snipers like bl00d3at3r, GeezyG, GodofSpark. We also have quite a few SMGer's like Thoth V, K1lled Enemy, saladin ali, SoL Ocelot Z. Even some shotgunners like xxAFR01xx, SoLSpark, SoL Hybrid.

SoL's Website: http://www.ClanSoL.tk

See 's full WiiHD Profile: SoL's Profile

Wii Power (wP)


wP site link: wPclan.tk As far as im concerned I think wP is underated. Some of the new clans don't know that we beat AoW and are 1-1-1 in all our clan wars. That we tied with wtB. Hopefully we will come out of MOH retirement and do MOH all over again.

Who are some of your best players and what is their specialty?

wP_Chango=Pimp! wP_Chizzle= MP40 beats! wP_Yoshikart=nades? wP_Huriu=Karbiner, and MP40.

wP's website: http://wPClan.tk

See wP's full WiiHD Profile: wP's Profile

Superior Soldiers (SS)


Come to SS we are a fun and upcoming clan on the rise. If you would like to try out come to ssclanwii.freeforums.org

Who are some of your best players and what is their specialty?

Roflcaptain-sniper/smg KFactor-smg Hero-smg Zerkanator-sniper

SS's website: http://ssclanwii.freeforums.org

See SS's full WiiHD Profile: SS's Profile

Old Geezers (OG)


We're not a clan in the classic sense - we don't have practices, scrims, or wars, but we do host a (usually) weekly event that's a lot of fun. We're a noncompetetive group that likes to get together and have fun while enjoying cold beverages. We're currently based out of the EA forums. To join, start a thread titled "Attn OG, I'd like to join", and someone from the clan will jump you in. Must be 21 to join.

Who are some of your best players and what is their specialty?

undrclsshero - STG44 and Coors Tallboys. If they aren't the talls, he won't even play. BManPitt - Shotgun and obscure pop culture references. ZH "The Mouth" Fury - On Skype, this guy's the life of the party. He also likes getting shot with the pistol.

OG operates out of the EA forums

See OG's full WiiHD Profile: OG's Profile

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