Honor's Wrath (HW)

Honor's Wrath (HW)


We're laid back, nuff said

Who are some of your best players and what is their specialty?
—-Dragonsly; he doesn't afraid afraid of anything.

Can you describe one (or more of your favorite clan war(s) or scrimmage(s)?
When It was (DragonSly) vs. everyone, and he won single handedly.

Does your clan use Voice Chat, and if so, What kind? Is it required for membership?

Who is your favorite clan to play against? Why?
WT, they doesn't afraid of anything

What do you like most about MoHH2?
The noise the disk makes in the wii.

Does your clan participate in other games, like MKWii or SSBB?
Yes, both.

What Wii title is your clan most looking forward to?
The Conduit

What features would you most like to see in future online games?
Actual Nintendo Voice chat.

What genre of online Wii games would you most like to see expanded?

Make a pitch for someone to join your clan.
Were laid back, nuff said

HW's Website and Chatbox: http://honorswrath.darkbb.com/

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