After WiiHD got our hooks into Quake Wii, we decided to document the experience to make homebrew more accessible to everyone. We have files, videos, links, tips and tricks. So brace yourselves, and dig in below.

3. Installation

Now the fun part, you get to actually power up your Wii. You can pretty well skip the text here and just watch the video if you want. Feel free to post the video elsewhere, though if you do, a link back to the WiiHD Homebrew Guide would be appreciated.

Starter Kit
If you opted to skip the manual setup, download NEW FILE as of 12:30pm eastern, 06/25 this NEW zip file and unzip it to the root directory of your SD card. It includes the Twilight Hack and the Homebrew Channel (courtesy of Team Twiizer), Quake (the shareware version) (Courtesy of tehskeen user eluan and Peter Mackay and id software for having shareware in the first place), Tetris (Courtesy of Wiibrew user DesktopMan), FUSE (a Sinclair emulator courtesy of Armstad and Philip Kendall and Wiibrew user bg), as well as Sinclair games that are legally available courtesy of their respective developers and the World of Spectrum. Update(12/10): Download the new Twilight Hack for Wii Menu Version 3.4 here, and replace the "private" directory from the root of the SD card with it if you have v3.4.

If you downloaded the starter kit yesterday, you'll need to move the ID1 folder from app/quake to the root of the SD card, or redownload the new kit. For those who don't know, Tetris requires a gamecube controller, no wiimote support.

You need to have already created a real Twilight Princess save file, which the game offers to do right at the start. If you haven't played it yet, start it up, and create that save file. Insert your SD card, Click on the Wii icon in the bottom left hand corner. Choose Data management, and then Save Data, and then Wii. Now delete you current Twilight Princess save file (you can't get it back, so save it on a different card if you have progress you want to keep). Click on the SD tab in the upper right hand corner, and choose the hack for your region. They are labeled US, JPN, and Euro. Select copy when prompted.

Now load up Twilight Princess. If you are using the US region of the hack, there are two save logs to choose from. You'll need to look at the data side (the shiny side) of your disc, and locate a tiny code around the inner rim. If that code ends in zero, you'll choose Twilight Hack 0, if the code ends in 2, choose Twilight Hack 2. Easy. Once the game loads up, go talk to the guy right in front of you, and the hack initiates and installs the Homebrew Channel. It will prompt you to continue (1 on the Wiimote) or cancel (home on the wiimote). If you continue a few times (while carefully reading text in between), it will install, and then reset your Wii. When it comes back up, you are the proud new owner of a Homebrew Channel, and all the apps you have installed.

Select the Homebrew Channel, and then (after enjoying the brief animation and music) load up the game of your choice. We recommend Quake, of course, but feel free to play some Tetris or Rock, Paper, Scissors too.

Some games, upon exit, will send you back to the Homebrew Channel. Others will require you to reset the Wii to get anywhere else. Read the game's documentation to be sure. To get back to the Wii menu from the Homebrew Channel, just press Home on the wiimote and select exit.

That's it for this edition of the WiiHD Homebrew Guide. We'll have a module here soon to recieve updates when new editions are unleashed, so check back soon. In the future, we'll cover loading content by TCP and some other applications.

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Be sure to check out the new easy-to-use Homebrew Pack Generator (you might still need our Starter Kit if you want Quake though).

Update December 10th, 2008. There's a new version of the twilight hack for the Wii Menu 3.4 update. You can download it here. You can still use it with WiiHD's Homebrew Starter Kit, you just need to replace the "private" directory in the root of the SD card with the new file. I'll probably upload an updated starter kit this week.

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