Heroes 2
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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

At E3, EA briefly announced Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, the sequel to MOHH that was exclusive the PSP. What makes this an exciting Wii title is that it is supposed to support 32x player online battles—a big jump for the Nintendo Wii. The series' previous Wii incarnation, Vangaurd, was graded as having passable controls that could do better, but being one of the nicer looking shooters on the system. On the PSP, the Original Heroes was touted as the best FPS on the system.


IGN did an interview with Developer EA Canada. They confirmed online multiplayer, said there would be no splitscreen multiplayer, and said that having not had a Nintendo Bluetooth functionality to work with, they won't be delivering voicechat.

IGN did a hands-on preview of MOHH2. In it, we discovered that MOHH2 will have the most customizeable controls of any Wii shooter to date, including the ability to resize the Bounding box, or dead zone. Generally, IGN is excited about the game's controls and features, even comparing it favorably on those terms (not on story or enviornment) to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption during the post preview Wiik in Review podcast.

Release Date

No release date has been made official. Some information is availble though.

One month before E3 the blogosphere happened across an EB Games page advertising the Wii title, price and release date in November of this year. The page was promptly removed.

Recently, IGN put up a Wii page for the title, and they list the same info that came from those EB Games pages; a release date of November 2007, a price of $49.99. If such an impending release date is confirmed, one would expect a windfall of news on the title in the near future.

In an E3 interview with GameSpot.com, EA Producer Peter Choi said that it would be available "this holiday".


On July 17th, EA officially announced the title's development to IGN, and provided some details on the game. Players will assume the role of OSS operative John Berg in 1944 on a mission to infiltrate the Nazi's in Normandy.


EA also confirmed that the game would include some form of optional Zapper support. As well, there will be an exclusive Wii mode where the action happens on a rail system. More news is expected soon.

Video and Screenshots

The most recent video coming from EA Canada is this gameplay montage originally found at Gametrailers.com. It starts with video from the Arcade Mode, the tack on secondary rails mode designed to let casuals have some fun. Towards the end it shows a small amount of footage from the primary mode.

This snippet was shown during Nintendo's Zapper presentation at E3 2007, and is supposed to be footage of Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for the Wii. It was the first video footage of the game.