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Watch wtZzz take first place in round one of MOHH2's first cash prize tournament To take your gaming to the next level, visit WTCLAN.COM
wtZzz takes first place in Round 1 of MOHH2's first money game. To take your Wii gaming to the next level, visit WTCLAN.COM
wtZzz gets 1st place in Round 2 of GeneralSam's MOHH2 Cash Prize Tournament. He also advances with Wii Troopers tyson2007rip and zakypoof. Video includes professional commentary from MOHH2's top SMG user. WTCLAN.COM
Method of capturing video: Dazzle DVC 170 Program used to edit: Sony Vegas Songs: (Intro)The Kids aren't alright-Offspring (First song)Vitamin R-Chevelle (Second song)Breach Birth-Chevelle (Ending songs)In the summertime-Mungo Jerry and Over here hustlin'-Lil Wayne and Birdman If you would like to tryout, challenge, or just organize a few matches come to the F5 site: or Intro made by: DuncanP Banner made by: Bio
SoL Ocelot Z's Montage
teh_pokerus from gamefaqs, If you wanna see how people in europe play this game
Liewe89NL with long and short range Karabiner kills. It consists of some nice kills cut out of 4 games of 7-10 minutes each, recorded right after each other.
Players are- WC BLUEX WC LIGHTNING Please message me if you are interested in joining World Class Clan. WC is now ranked 5th of about 30 clans for MOHH2 according to WT Bugs clan ladder. More videos coming soon!
Mikethe Asian playing Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for the Wii WWW.WIIHUNTERS.NET
Killing bad guys and tbaggin join tbagteam please wii number :6243 0218 0163 1531 add me and send me urs please
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