Sigmakan Can... Document Civ Rev Tech Tree
09 Jun 2008 06:20
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Sigmakan Can... Document Civ Rev Tech Tree


Update!! New Complete Tech Guide available

2K forums' user Sigmakan has gone through a lot of work to document the Civilization Revolution Tech Tree, including details on beakers, resources, units, buildings, governments, and best of all, bonuses for first discovery from the demo released Thursday. Some tech is locked out of the demo, so it isn't a complete list yet, but it's nice to see nevertheless. Since we've been told that all versions play the same, this list should ring true for the 360, PS3, and even the DS version of the game. And maybe even that eternally temporarily shelved Wii version someday. Keep hope alive, and hit the break to see Sigmakin's spreadsheets.

Alpha list:
Cost list:


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