You Know You've Been Playing MoHH2 Too Long When...
11 Jun 2008 18:06
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

You Know You've Been Playing MoHH2 Too Long When...

WiiHD's good friend Sethamiser over at GameFaqs' popular MoHH2 forum posted a nice time-waster that we're all too happy to waste time on. How do you know when you've been playing MoHH2 too long? Here are some featured answers. Catch more after the break, and submit your own.

insomniacman you pull the stem out of the top of your apple and peg your buddy in the head with it, then run.
[or] instead of pulling the stem out of the top of your apple, you do an underhand toss to the ground, followed by strange rapid movement around the apple, then you kick it at your friend. then run.

insomniacman you see aredd holding an apple and immediately hit the sprint button to avoid him.

lak_43 ….. your wiimote hand begins to resemble a dead spider

Sethamiser You're walking outside and you think you're lagging.

hert77 You start answering questions with "AFFIRMATIVE" or "NO WAY!"

And then start responding for the Axis:

KFactor1 Bow heitzel sneitzel [and] Derstundezh

fortunzfavor (me) When you're executing a business partner with a .45 and you think you need that second head shot to finish it.

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