Okami (Wii) Makes Hi-Def Digest Feature
12 Jun 2008 20:27
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Okami (Wii) Makes Hi-Def Digest Feature

In his column titled "Artful High Definition Games," Wayne Santos examines games as an emerging art form. There's one platform unexpectedly covered in this HD column—it's the only 7th generation console that doesn't support High Definition (720p and higher) output, and that frequently rejects photorealism in favor of heavily stylized graphics. You've already guessed what platform that is? My aren't you clever.

Okami on Wii makes an appearance in his list of artful high definition games, and receives high praise for its appearance, gameplay, and innovation. It may not have been born on Wii, but it's more at home here than virtually any other title, and WiiHD loves it for coming home. Catch some more quotes after the break, or do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.

Even though the game is on the Wii and not actually an HD game, its rewarding gameplay, gorgeous art design, and more innocent themes make it a game well worth owning….

High Def Digest wrote:

Where the game truly steps into the direction of the artistic is the art design itself. Eschewing the usual “photorealism=beautiful graphics” mantra that dominates the majority of game design philosophy in the industry, Okami went decidedly old school. Old school in this case means simulating the effect of the ink brush aesthetic that was so prevalent in Asia in earlier eras. As a result, Okami is a game that looks nothing like any other game on the market.

The Celestial Brush was a brilliant innovation in that players would literally draw bridges where they needed one to cross rivers, draw bombs to bring real bombs into existence, or pause the world and slash at enemies with a brush stroke to erase them from existence.

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