Preliminary Conduit Gun List from Trailer
13 Jun 2008 23:09
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Preliminary Conduit Gun List from Trailer

Update: My visual guide has been updated. At first I thought I had two different angles on the shotgun, and labeled them accordingly, but upon further inspecting, one gun has the letters "AK6" on the side, where the shotgun does not, and several other details make it clear it isn't the same gun. The labeling has been changed.

JTRamboman, good friend of WiiHD and highly respected member of Wii Troopers, has spent away some his valuable youth gleaning important details on The Conduit's weapons cache, presumably from IGN's Hi-Def trailer and some screens. He's got names, he's got capacities, and he's got descriptions. He even gleaned some gameplay details. In other words, he's got ALL our numbers.

While we were all drooling over the pretty colors and fast pace and taking embarrassing amounts of great pleasure in the explosions and blood, JTR was being an enormous geek and actually writing stuff down looking for the devil in the details. Hit the break to see them and the trailer, then head over to gamefaqs to thank him for being a geek.

Click here for a higher quality visual weapons guide (and a different zany quote) or get it from flickr by clicking the image below. Feel free to use it anywhere, but please link back here.
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JTRamboman wrote:

1. Plasma Ball Gun: Fires plasma balls that have the ability to bounce off of surfaces before exploding upon impact
-Capacity = 36

2. Scoped Semi-Automatic Rifle: This gun looks like it owns. Has the ability to snipe and the video shows him mowing aliens down with it from the hip as well.
-Capacity = 90

3. MP5KA4 (Mini-Uzi): Typical high fire rate assault weapon. Obnoxiously long name for a gun if you ask me
-Capacity = 60 (Maybe more…would think this gun would have a larger capacity than the scoped rifle type gun, but the highest amount shown was 60)
-Source: Picks up ammo for MP5KA4 while firing a pistol with the mini-uzi as his backup weapon

4. MK4 Deatomizer: Apparently you have the ability to charge this gun and send out multiple beams that can reflect in different directions and kill foes. Or charge it and sent out large surge to kill one enemy
-Capacity = Looks like you pick up "power" for this gun rather than ammo…but it has 90 shots nonetheless
-Source: Picks up ammo for this while firing off the shotgun, and this weapon as the backup. Just assuming that a shotgun would be Not be called the Deatomizer.

5. Plasma Beam Gun: Fires off orange plasma beams. Has a very cool reloading motion where he removes and replaces an orange plasma ball in the gun.
-Capacity = 90

6. Shotgun: Nothing fancy here…just blown' away aliens with one shot
-Capacity = 36

7. Pistol: Fairly standard pistol
-Capacity = 126
-A silenced, laser sighted version of the pistol is also shown in a screenshot.

8. Grenades: Looks like you get 3 frag grenades and 3 special grenades

In addition to that list, WiiHD noticed an unseen weapon called the "SCAR". Also, we don't think the ammo from the plasma ball gun "bounced", but rather curved to meet it's target, and is possibly heat-seeking.

If you need more detail, go get the HD trailer (which I'm pretty sure I can't embed)

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