Nintendo Working on Storage (still)
17 Jun 2008 21:12
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Nintendo Working on Storage (still)


Mr "geeks and otaku" is talking again, despite urgings from his friends and family. Laurent Fischer, Nintendo Europe's marketing man, said Nintendo is working on a solution, they just aren't planning to issue hardware.

That could be really great news, in that it could mean they're just planning on opening up a usb port for any flash drive or usb hard drive with a driver. Of course, this is Nintendo, so that's not going to happen. Another option is greater freedom with the SD card. Other than some access speed concerns, that's not the worst thing that could happen. SDHC is a software concern, not a hardware concern, so if Nintendo wanted to, the SD slot could hold more games than you could shake a stick at. The funniest, and ergo, the most likely scenario comes from a GoNintendo commenter DonWii, that Nintendo will allow you to delete the News, Weather and Photo Channel, freeing up 53 blocks that will obviously solve the storage problem forever (The "forever" part is mine, DonWii overestimated Nintendo's understanding of the situation with his time frame).

Alternatively, we could be looking at more compression. Goody.


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