The Conduit gets a Manual
19 Jun 2008 21:42
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

The Conduit gets a Manual


4colorrebellion got a very nice package in his email. Images of The Conduit's manual. Goody! What secrets do they hold? Not much we don't already know. We get to see the Razor cannon (enemy weapon), we find out the Assault Rifle is the SCAR (we'd seen both the rifle and the name before, but we didn't know they were the same thing). We get a closer look at the All Seeing Eye. There are artist's renderings of several locations. And we see new alien artificats; we already knew about the portals the Conduit fan site interview, but now we see a Regenerator Unit and a Pulse Box. What do they do? My guess is one regenerates and the other pulses, but I won't say which one does which.

There are 2 factions: The Trust (which you are working for, but is also partly an enemy it seems), and the Drudge (alien). On page 9, there's a redacted portion that might refer to another party, though not another faction. The Trust have guard units in the game. The Aliens have puppet humans whom they have taken control of. There are also larval drudge known as Therm-mites and Med-mites, some of which fly, and some of which can explode in proximity to a target. The Drudge also have adult units: Drones are regular soldiers and Skimmers are flying units. And finally Scarabs are the most powerful Drudge unit (excluding bosses, no doubt). They are heavily armored and armed, and are described as tank-like.

In addition to the two characters we already know, you (Mr. Ford, Gerald Ford one assumes) and Mr. John Adams (the man behind the Trust Curtain), there is also a captured alien character, known as Alien Captive 5. He's your source of information, an he communicates telepathically. Mr Adams apparently sees an upside to the whole end of the world scenario.

My impression of The Conduit improves with each new piece of information. What do you think? Got hit up 4colorrebellion and thank him for the info.

Hit the break for all the images, conveniently broken up, and the trailer in case your one of the 6 Wii owners that haven't seen it (repeatedly) already.

Courtesy of 4colorrebellion



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