How Many Fake COD5 trailers are out there?
19 Jun 2008 20:13
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

How Many Fake COD5 trailers are out there?

A lot. That's how many. And they are generating hundreds of thousands of views too, as we anticipate the real trailer going up on Live! soon. So WiiHD is going to give them a few more views. The moral of this story? Get free traffic by making an ad and label it CoD5.

Hit the break for a gallery of the best and worst fake CoD5 trailers.

Use the comments below to tell me which one you think is best.


Showing screens from Battlefield 2, Armed assualt, warrock, and bad company. 12,000 views


Terrible banner mockup that nonetheless logged 100,000 views. He was smart enough to disable ratings and comments. Learn from his diabolicity.


Showing footage from Hour of Victory. 111,000 views.


Showing footage from CoD3 and MoH: Airborne. 151,000 views

Showing COD4 and some on-the-fly live-action. 65,000 views.

This is terrible, and doesn't many views, but I like it the best. It's live camera feed that's distorted at a low frame rate, and makes the enviornment look a little more video game like (well, video game with intel integrated graphics), with elements (gun, shots, blood) added from games. 8,000 views =(


Not a fakeout so much as a spoof. COD5: Office Warefare. Nice attention to detail. Watch his lean around corner. 73,000 views

Let me know your favorite in the comments.


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