Nintendo v. 24c3, Round 3: Twilight Returns
19 Jun 2008 17:50
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Nintendo v. 24c3, Round 3: Twilight Returns


There was some fear-mongering about, doubtless being directed from behind the curtain by Iwata himself, but I told you not to worry, didn't I? As it turns out, it took a matter of hours for 24c3 genius Bushing (shown in the video after the break in Nintendo v 24c3 Round 1) and his pals tmbinc and tehpola, to overcome the rather simple measures Nintendo put into place to defeat the Twilight Hack, and thus homebrew (when WiiHD talks about "homebrew", we really mean homemade apps, it's not a codeword).

The Wii Menu 3.3 update only checked very specifically for that particular Twilight Princess hack, first checking to see if a save file was for Zelda, then looking for specific strings of numbers in the TP hack 24c3 put out after The State of the Wii Lecture rocked the Nintendo-verse. They've now exploited two bugs that fools the measure Nintendo apparently spent 3 months testing into ignoring the TP hack. Given how specific the measure is, I'll bet there are more workarounds in the future as well.

24c3 isn't releasing their workaround just yet, much as they waited a while after The State of the Wii lecture to release a TP hack, 24c3 is patient, and they're right, there is no rush. But rest assured, help is on the way. They still recommend not updating. Oh, and if this has taught you anything, it should be not to have auto-update on. Remember, it's for nubs. Now hit the break and watch "Round 1: A New Twilight" to help you forget "Round 2: The Nintendpire Strikes Back". Also, see the responses of 4 former and current Nintendo execs on the matter.

State of the Wii Lecture 2007:

There are the responses of the TP Hack, Perrin Kaplan, Laurent Fischer, Satoru Iwata, and Miyamoto-san (respectively) on this news. Exclusive to WiiHD.


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