Civ Rev Demo: How to Get Advanced Tech
20 Jun 2008 19:41
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Civ Rev Demo: How to Get Advanced Tech

I'm calling for volunteers to help me expand on the Civ Rev Tech Tree to include some Advanced Tech. After the break, I've outlined how to attempt to get advanced tech. One of them is semi-confirmed.

Anyone who contributes to the tech tree will get named recognition in a post, and a link to their site or whatever forum they haunt. Contributions should take the form of tech-beaker-resource-wonder-unit-building-bonus, and can be posted in the comments below.

Hit the break for details.

Basic Strategies, gleaned from sources below are
1. Wait until you've gotten all demo techs to find Atlantis. Supposedly, it could give you few advanced tech among the three that it offers.

2. The idea is to research Alphabet, Writing, Literacy, and Democracy, get the Oxford University, and use a Great Builder to finish it. There is a matter of luck in this method, in that you don't know what techs the university will give you, but it could give you Atomic or flight. That would help expand the list.

See users plans to get advanced tech below.

Gamefaqs user The Flood outlined this method, but it was map specific, so it needs to be adapted

-Chieftan difficulty
-Pick the Egyptians (start with the Colossus)
-City screen>manage workers>custom>Move the worker in the forest south to the desert (I know it looks like there's already one there, but the game will move it soon if you don't do it manually)
-Move your warrior west, first north of the west mountain to a friendly village, then west to the next friendly village, then to every barbarian camp the game shows you. This will be happening alongside the next several steps.
-Research alphabet
-Research writing
-Somewhere in here your warriors will make enough money to spawn the settlers. Add the settlers to the population of your city.
-Switch your build to a library and rush production
-From now on, every time your city grows, switch the new worker to science (sea tiles)
-Research literacy
-Sell the spy (click right stick)
-Research democracy
-Great person spawns around here, maybe a step higher or lower. If a great builder spawned, keep him till you learn university. If he's not a great builder, do what you want with them.
-Switch your build to a random wonder, to make sure you don't accidentally build a warrior if you lose track of growth. Again, all workers go to science.
-By now your warrior will be done with the barbarian camps. Sell it if you want this to happen quicker, otherwise do what you want with him.
-Switch gov't to democracy
-Research math
-Research university
-Sell the catapult
-Research code of laws
-Switch build to Oxford University. Complete it if you have the builder (units special ability from the map), keep going to make a few more great people very quickly.
-Research invention
-Research monarchy.
-Switch gov't to monarchy.
By now you'll have seen 3-4great people. And with monarchy, you'll see a few more before the demo is over. If any of them are a great builder, use them to complete the Oxford University. You may want to keep generating new great people anyways, in case your new tech gives you a new wonder to build. If you're VERY unlucky and never see a single great builder, mess around for a while till you can rush it, you'll still have plenty of time. Then enjoy playing around with whatever your new tech gives you.

Some of the above is useful for getting good efficiency, but it's obviously not a solution for winning, just for peeking at new techs.

Youtube user GhostSoldler:

Try building a mega city and make smaller cities produce settlers. First research alphabet, then writing,literacy and democracy then, University. Build oxford university, if oxford university gives you Atomic Theory build Manhatten project.

Although this video seems to be based on the Euro release, it should be possible to get the Atomic Theory tech by way of either Atlantis or the University, so it's possible to do in the demo as well.

2k forums user KrashKrunal

If you notice, when you enter a goody hut you'll pretty much always get a technology, so what you should do is save before you get the hut, let the current technology you are researching complete ti's researching, then select the tech that says it'll take the MOST number of turns to complete. Now get the goody hut and you'll learn that technology, and that'll mean you'll pretty much get the tech of your choice. You should and can do the same with Great Scientists - use them to further your techs by changing to the most breaker demanding tech before using them.

This is how I learnt Atomic Theory even though it would have taken me 30+ turns otherwise… It's a great way to get to the space age as well

The key to Krash's village strategy may be changing your tech to whatever takes the most turns to complete. Or it may be what Civ you are, as some user report getting gold more often than tech. Villages may be inclined to give you different things based on your Civ or needs.

You're welcome to contribute tech strategies of your own below. Good luck everyone. Leave techs not listed on the current tech tree in the comments.



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