WT 3v3 Tourney Starts Today
21 Jun 2008 21:51
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

WT 3v3 Tourney Starts Today

Update 3: The tournament stubbornly refused to end Saturday, but we have a report on its conclusion from JTRamboman, member of WT and [wt] Car RAMROD.

Unfortunately, all did not go as planned in the tournament. Team Ramrod and the TEC team composed of Jesus, Sodium, and Pillow had an epic match. Both teams won a game, and incredibly there were two games that ended in a tie. However, Pillow refused to play a final tiebreaker, asserting that one of our members suicided too frequently. Yesterday, Pillow again refused to play a tiebreaker with Team Ramrod and instead scheduled a match with the other finalists….the F5 team composed of Wonka, Crzy89, and Wraith. Obviously, there was much discussion of all this, with most of it not being particularly constructive. Ultimately, the F5 team prevailed and proved themselves worthy champions.

Wii Troopers is sponsoring a 3v3 Tournament in Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 today. About 13 teams signed up in the GameFaqs thread, and 10 of them have officially registered for a place on the Ladder.

Update 2 Predictions: Ladder changed Predicted winners are underlined.
1st round
BC Fox Squad v Tongue of a COW
Kool-Aid Fans v Ranger Rick
All others are byes.

2nd Round
[wt] Car RAMROD v MessPownzerz
Team NaDeOhDuByA v BC Team 1 (no prediction)
2guys1horse v Kool-Aid Fans
BC Team v 2 Tongue of a COW
We'll post again as results come in, but in the meantime hit the break for the rules and team list.

The first of which will be a 3v3 tournament. In the future we will do things like 1v1, and 5 player DMs.

The first tournament will be on June 21, Saturday. Registration at 2pm pacific, tournament begins at 3pm pacific. Tournament completes same day.

At the time of registration, only the team captain will sign up.

To play you must have a registered account at the WT site, and you must be able to access the WT chatroom.

If all 3 players are not present for match when round is called, they will be forfeit.

15 minutes
Best of 3 maps
1 sniper limit. No bazookas.
Grenades ON
Map order: City, Monestary, Base (they must be played in this order)
32 teams max
TK auto kick 4, once kicked you may not rejoin
Axis/Allies are agreed by the team captains. You can not be axis the whole game, or allies the whole game. If one team is allies at city, they must be axis at monestary, etc.

WT reserves the right to eject any team for playing like AOW.

1. Tongue of a COW
Captain: PillowTEC
Member: JesusTEC (sniper)
Member: [PC] Hert

2. Kool-Aid Fans
Captain: DREAMR (sniper)
Teammate: Heatmaster9
Teammate: WtGuest

3. [wt] Car RAMROD
Captain: wtZzz
Teammate: Dr. Elite
Teammate: JTRamboman (sniper)

4. BC Team 1
Captain: Somebody114
Teammate: Rzarect
Teammate: JK7 (sniper)

5. BC Team 2
Captain: N12 4 3 (sniper)
Teammate: Bronxnyc
Teammate: HalfGenius

6. BC Fox Squad
Captain: Hollywood
Teammate: Starcer
Teammate: Dusterman
Teammate: HughtheHand (backup)

7. MessPownzerz
Captain: Ebola
Teammate: Gummy
Teammate: SypherSabin

8. Multi clan Murderers
Teammate: BCnascar
Teammate: Aguirre

9. Cattle Call
Captain: NDS (sniper)
Teammate: MannyF5
Teammate: CNG

10. 2guys1horse
Captain: Tyson2007RIP
Teammate: AuchwitzGas
Teammate: wtMessakiN

11. Ranger Rick
Captain: Wraith (sniper)
Teammate: Crzy89
Teammate: F5Wonka

12. Team NaDeOhDuByA
Captain: K.O (barr)
Member 2: LOTRboy
Member 3: Toxic


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