CoD5, Treyarch is Talking the Talk
25 Jun 2008 18:53
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

CoD5, Treyarch is Talking the Talk

In an interview with Joystiq, Treyarch rep Mark Lamia spent a fair amount of time talking about the Wii version of the game, sometimes unprompted. He must be aware that CoD3 wasn't the bundle of joy we were hoping for. He claims CoD5 will be better because 1)There's no PS2 version, so the team on Wii is focused on it's capabilities alone, 2) they've had a two year time frame to work on it unlike the one year they had for COD3 as a launch title for PS3 and Wii, and finally 3) this one's online, unlike CoD3 Wii which had no multiplayer of any kind.

Anyone feeling trusting today? WiiHD isn't. Their excuses sound reasonable enough, but they're going to have produce something impressive before we offer up our fragile hearts to be ripped out, thrown to the floor, and crushed by Mexican hat dancers. Again.


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