Wii Rising?
29 Jun 2008 03:05
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Wii Rising?

Today PC World has a feature on the increasingly modern feature set of Wii games. Taking a cue from announcements about GH World Tour's SD-accessible DLC and multiplayer, and CoD5 for Wii using the CoD4 engine and apparently having a full online features (WiiHD will believe that last one when we see it), PC World predicts that the Wii is finally coming out of it's slow 7th gen start to deliver a well-rounded modern gaming experience with all the bells and whistles people like us knew the Wii could handle.

Just this week, a series of third party announcements about the system's online play and shoehorning the Call of Duty 4 engine into what many detractors call the "GameCube 2.0" could have Wii detractors eating a bit of crow.

PC World may be jumping the gun a little bit on fanboys admitting their error, but WiiHD hopes that all developers take note as the Fall '08 and Spring '09 lineup present themselves. It would be nice if the software bar for Wii finally rose to meet our expectations. High Voltage brought/is bringing Gyrostarr and Animales to WiiWare, and The Conduit, our most anticipated game, exclusively to Wii with a brand new engine built just for Wii. There's definitely some quality on the horizon, but the jury is out on whether it will be the exception or the rule.

Still on WiiHD's wishlist? Soul Calibur IV, CnC Red Alert 3 (perfect for the Wii interface, hopelessly awkward on a gamepad), and Civilization Revolution.


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