DS Fanboy goes Hands-On with Civ Rev
01 Jul 2008 20:23
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

DS Fanboy goes Hands-On with Civ Rev

There is one place you should look first for the review of the DS version of Civilization Revolution: DS Fanboy. I wouldn't point you there for everything, but they've got this topic cornered. Unlike a lot of people who will be reviewing the DS game, Alisha Karabinus has a amicable and long history with the PC franchise AND a rock-solid understanding of the DS. It's a rare combination, and when it comes out, it's the review to trust. Not necessarily in terms of the score, as WiiHD discourages making purchases based on review scores, but based on the content.

For today we have DS Fanboy's preview of Civilization Revolution, and a serious case of jealousy that they got to play it first. WiiHD is a few days late reporting it, but it's still worth the read. Here are some quotes. Once you're done with them, go read the whole thing.

One of the great things about the Civ franchise is that you can really make the game your own… It's like having a dozen different games instead of just one, and it's a huge part of why I love the games.

Civilization Revolution doesn't feel quite as open. … Instead of a dozen games, I have one, or maybe two, and I feel the lack.

As I spend more time with Civ Rev, I hope to learn to appreciate this version. …even this [more limited] version is basically limitless; if you're a strategy nut, you can play forever.

Units and buildings are also produced much more quickly, which means fewer early turns skipped as you wait to build up your base. I do like that; in fact, I love it.

In these early stages, I'm frankly split on my opinion. It's Civilization and yet it's not.

There are videos after the break. And don't forget to check out our Exclusive Civ Rev Tech guide

Click in the Right hand bar to see Modern Warfare, Science and Technology, and 300BC.


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