The Conduit Sequel?
02 Jul 2008 01:35
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

The Conduit Sequel?

It's what High Voltage is hoping for, according to that videogame blog. In an interview with that videogame blog, Rob Nichols, Lead Designer of The Conduit said:

We think we have a pretty robust story and we’re trying to do some things that tell it very stylistically. We want to start posing a lot of questions especially here in the first product we’ll be dropping a lot of breadcrumbs to see if people pick them up.

"First product". Honestly, most sequels follow the Space Balls model ("SpaceBalls 2: The Quest for More Money"), where suddenly someone has success, and whether the core product warrants it or not, they ram out something new. It's nice to know that The Conduit 1) is beefy enough to already have sequel material written on it and 2) has developers that are thinking ahead instead of just waking up, saying wow, this is a money maker, and farting out something that looks similar with the number two at the end.

That said, we hope they keep their eyes on the prize with the first one. Treyarch means to give them some competition, and while we aren't confident in their ability to do so, Call of Duty has dramatically higher name recognition, comes out first, and enjoys a lot of gamer goodwill from the recent Infinity Ward hit. High Voltage needs to nail everything. Good luck guys.

If you're not sure what The Conduit is, hit the break for some media.


The manual from 4colorrebellion.


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