that videogame blog's The Conduit Interview
03 Jul 2008 03:29
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

that videogame blog's The Conduit Interview


that videogame blog teased us with a piece of their interview with High Voltage the other day, but now you can read the whole thing.

We chose The Conduit because we saw there was a need. We’re all Wii owners and love the system and think it’s wonderful that all these new gamers are being pulled in. But we also want games for us and we weren’t seeing a lot of games like that being made outside of first party ones.

The Wii, with the controllers it has, really does cry out to be used as a shooter. We have an advantage from looking at other shooters and how they’ve controlled too.

The Conduit has been great to develop because we’re doing something original and it frees us to make decisions that are actually better for the game as opposed to licensed rules. … The Conduit’s been great because we’ve added things and removed things and changed things and as result this is a game that has been designed for gamers from the start.

As of right now, High Voltage is planning 16 player multiplayer, and wants voicechat badly. They were shifty on the topic of Friend Codes (Do Not Want). The game continues to sound like a full experience, story, gameplay, multiplayer, graphical prowess; the works. Not half-baked. Overall, a well thought out interview that should be mostly encouraging. Do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.


The manual from 4colorrebellion.


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