Civ Rev TMI, Featuring DS Fanboy
03 Jul 2008 19:01
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Civ Rev TMI, Featuring DS Fanboy


The long-awaited (by WiiHD) DS Fanboy review of Civilization Revolution is here. If you are a current Civilization fan wondering if the DS version still has something for you, this may be the best review to help you answer that question, given the reviewer history with the game. Alisha Karabinus cares about Civ, and the DS. So 5 days before Civilization Revolution DS launches in the U.S., get the full skinny. She's good about responding to questions too, so feel free to put them in the comments. As such, the DS Fanboy review is our featured review in Today's Civ Rev TMI.

DS Fanboy Review: 8/10

WiiHD's preferred review. Best combination of DS and Civilization experience. Read the whole thing.

IGN 360 Review: 8.8/10

Good Context. If you're choosing between a portable and console version, this is the review to compare against the DS version. IGN's DS review is still pending as of the time of this posting.

Kotaku (PS3 version): doesn't score

We like that kotaku doesn't give a numerical score. Often arbitrary, scores sometimes distract from the review writing, and kotaku writes well. Take a good look at this one.

To break it down, here's some of what we've learned. Unlike what IGN DS indicated earlier, we know stylus control is well-implemented for DS, if you desire to use it. We know the 360 online is mostly smooth from people's demo experiences, however there have also been reports on the 2k forums of the PS3 demo freezing during online play. Hopefully nothing that will affect the full version or the DS game. Worker management is very different—you now pay to build roads. City management is simplified and less important, as your citizens can't starve. Remember that the DS version has no Voicechat, and we're still waiting to hear about how Friend Codes have been implemented. Are they necessary? Can you play random people? Any text communication options? We'll let you know.



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