GameSpot The Conduit Intervew
08 Jul 2008 10:39
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

GameSpot The Conduit Intervew


GameSpot is bringing us one of the longest interviews from The Conduit developer High Voltage yet. While it's less packed with news than some others have been, there is some interesting context about the challenges HVS is facing. Blazing trails is never as easy as following a well-beaten path. Here's some things WiiHD found interesting from the interview:

  • Publishers have been resistant about the inclusion of multiplayer at all. Their data or assumptions seem to indicate that Wii owners aren't that interested in online multiplayer—something former Nintendo marketing VP, and sworn enemy of WiiHD George Harrison used to spout about all the time.
  • HVS responds that there is a lot of self-fulfilling prophecy surrounding features and game types on the Wii. If you say it long enough and don't ever release those games on Wii, then you accumulate more and more evidence that those games aren't want Wii owners want. It's pretty much the same response WiiHD would provide. Maybe a game like The Conduit can't succeed on Wii, but there's no evidence supporting that, and there is some evidence in favor of it, like RE4 and Red Steel sales numbers.
  • HVS mentions MoHH2 and EA's apparent deal to not use Nintendo's system. Refers to it as the benefit of being the 800lb gorilla that EA is. If you thought that just anyone could opt out of Nintendo's terrible online and use their own and bypass Friend Codes, you might should think again. WiiHD doesn't like EA, but they could be our best hope for getting good multiplayer. Depending on what Activision does for World at War, they could be a nice option too.
  • Gamestop asks (devil's advocate style) why HVS even bothers with graphical prowess since Wii will never compete with the PS360. HVS says just because they can't build a Ferrari doesn't mean they should deliver a Yugo. Well put.

It's a good read, so read it all. The Conduit could be the single best thing to happen to Wii in its entire life-span, IF they execute correctly. There's a lot riding against them, but the hopes and dreams of WiiHD are on their side.


The manual from 4colorrebellion.


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