It's V Day

09 Jul 2008 15:24
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

It's V Day

That's ciVilization reVolution day. It's been long anticipated here at WiiHD headquarters. Let's start it out with bonus content. Since America got the game later than Europe, 2K and some retailers decided to make some free gifts for us. Sadly for DS owners, the only gift availible is a poster at Circuit City. 360 and PS3 owners have free DLC vouchers to look forward to.

Hit the break to see the full breakdown of what retailer offers what. Then check out, download and print our exclusive Civ Rev Technology Guide and take over the world as efficiently as possible.

2K Elizabeth wrote:

GameStop/EB Canada:
Xbox 360 and PS3: Pack-in card redeemable online for a Voucher or Token code for Wonder & Artifact Pack: The Mythic. Included are: Ancient Wonder: Lighthouse of Alexandria, Medieval Wonder: Leaning Tower of Pisa, Industrial Wonder: Scotland Yard, Modern Wonder: SETI, Artifact 1: Camelot, Artifact 2: Tower of Babel

Xbox 360: Pack-in card redeemable online for a Token code for Wonder & Artifact Pack: The Eternal. Includes the following Wonders and Artifacts: Ancient - Trajan's Column, Medieval - University of Sankore, Industrial - Eiffel Tower, Modern - Cristo Redentor, Artifact 1 - Pharoah's Needle, Artifact 2 - Tesla's "Peace" Ray

Best Buy (US and Canada):
Xbox 360 and PS3: Pack-in card redeemable online for a Voucher or Token code for Wonder & Artifact Pack: The Iconic. Includes the following Wonders and Artifacts: Ancient - Coliseum, Medieval - Taj Mahal, Industrial - Statue of Liberty, Modern - Sydney Opera House, Artifact 1 - Terracotta Army, Artifact 2 -Sphinx

Circuit City:
All platforms: Aiden Hughes Lincoln poster, 16X20, folded

Q: How do I know if the DLC offer is packed in?
A: There will be a sticker on the front of the package calling out the DLC offer.

Q: How do I get the poster at Circuit City?
A: Supplies of the poster are very limited. Please see the store manager if you do not receive the poster upon receipt of the game to ensure all posters were distributed. The posters are not packed in. The gift with purchase for the poster is available for all three platforms.

Q: When will the DLC content be available for download?
A: The DLC content is planned for release later this month (July). Please keep an eye on this website and

Q: If I don't get the content at these retailers, will I be able to get it somewhere else?
A: Yes, all DLC content will be available for purchase on PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace in early fall.

What do all these new artifacts and wonders do?

Glad you asked! Here's the rundown:

Lighthouse of Alexandria - your Galleys will be able to sail into open water
Colosseum - your units will upgrade faster
Trajan's Column - your Legion units all receive +1 attack
Leaning Tower of Pisa - you receive a larger cut of the profits when enemy Caravans arrive in your cities
Taj Mahal - all building produce +1 culture
University of Sankore - desert regions provide +1 trade
Scotland Yard - your great people cannot be kidnapped by enemy spies
Statue of Liberty - all cities in your civilization immediately receive two free population
Eiffel Tower - all buildings provide +1 science
SETI - your spaceship will travel faster
Sydney Opera House - settled Great Artists double the culture production of their resident city
Cristo Redentor - Cathedral buildings will prevent your cities from flipping

Court of Camelot - all your Horsemen units will immediately be upgraded to Knights
Tower of Babel - you will instantly be put in contact with all the nations of the world
Terracotta Army - all your soldiers receive the Scout upgrade
The Sphinx - you can immediately choose to switch to any government type
The Pharaoh's Needle - you instantly receive knowledge of an advanced technology
Tesla's "Peace" Ray - all wars immediately end


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