Contests Update
15 Jul 2008 08:53
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Contests Update

WiiHD loves free stuff, so here's some more collected from around the globe from our Contest SuperSite Toolkit. Enjoy, and let us know if you win something. is giving away a brand new Wii in exchange for a shoe store recommendation. Open through today, July 15th. The Celebrity Cafe is also giving away a Wii and a DS Lite; enter both daily through the 31st of July. is giving away a Wii for the best Mushroom Men short story. IGN is giving away a DS with Guitar Hero: On Tour as well as a copy of Aerosmith for the console of your choice. Game Informer is giving away 50,000 Wii points, all you have to do is guess the game in the screenshot. It goes on all week with one chance to enter per day. is giving away Dragon Quest Swords (Wii), Final Fantasy XII (DS), and Heroes of Mana (DS).

Destructoid is giving away another 360, an entry only costs you a comment.


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