WiiWare World Talks Up Animales
22 Jul 2008 20:42
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

WiiWare World Talks Up Animales


One of WiiHD's ten most anticipated games is Animales de le Muerte, an entry into the little known genre of Mexican Zoo Zombie Shooters. You won't be shooting Zombie Zookeepers, no, you have a license to kill undead animals south of the border using the same Quantum3 Engine that powers The Conduit.

WiiWare world hits us with an interview with High Voltage's Executive Producer Chad Kent. WiiHD loves hearing about control schemes, and we get both from this interview. On the Wiimote-chuk, you'll move your character with the analog stick, and he'll face the on-screen aiming reticule, wherever you point it, which sounds like a pretty good system to us. In addition, you have a net for rescuing healthy animales and a whip for the less fortunate. A downward swing of the nunchuk activates the whip, and Z plus a whip-like action with the chuck activates the whip. If you're not fond of that, conventional dual analog is available with the Classic Controller.

Kent doesn't expect bad or good press over the violence, but figures the comical nature of the violence will win the day with players. No questions were asked regarding racism in this title, sadly. So since N'Gai Croal isn't around, WiiHD demands to (not) know if there were any Hispanic ZooKeepers working on this WiiWare game. What's the implication here? European ZooKeepers can keep their animals from becoming undead, but Hispanic ZooKeepers can't?? <GOB Bluth>Come on!!</GOB Bluth>

As with all interviews, the fun-loving and unique gamer personality of High Voltage shines through. Read it all. Video and screens after the break.

Screens Courtesy of WiiWareWorld:


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