Red Steel 2 Hearts Motion Plus
30 Jul 2008 03:25
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Red Steel 2 Hearts Motion Plus

Ubisoft is telling us that our Red Steel sword action will be enhanced by Motion Plus. When we told you about Motion Plus, swordplay was on our minds, but at that time we didn't know that Nintendo hadn't given Developers a head's up on the technology, so the Star Wars lightsaber titles (and their players) were robbed of the opportunity to go first.

You'll remember we told you the Wiimote's accelerometer lacks the ability to sense rotation around its horizontal axis (yaw), as it has no gyroscope. Motion Plus adds that vital piece of the puzzle and makes figuring out 1 to 1 motions less of a guessing game for developers.

Swordplay was not our favorite part of Red Steel, since once you figured it out, it was more like waggle than sword fighting. Get the right rhythm going and you were unstoppable. The wiimote was to sword fighting like the NES power pad was to jogging—not realistic. Hopefully MP will go a long way towards fixing that, and sword fighting will be more fun this time around. No word on whether Motion Plus will be required to play (we doubt it though).

The bad news is that Ubisoft didn't get this thing any earlier than anyone else. That they have time to add it in means they aren't planning on delivering a product any time soon. Our best guess is to look for Q1 2009 or later.

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