Call of Duty: World at War (WaWii)
04 Aug 2008 23:15
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Call of Duty: World at War (WaWii)

WiiHD wants to be wrong about WaWii, but we still have our doubts. Will it run smoothly? Will Treyarch learn the control lessons of MoHH2? Will the online modes provide balanced play and aggressive competition? Will it be as fully featured as the PS360? We all hope that at this point, incomplete games (like Call of Duty 3 Wii) are a thing of the past. Everybody is promising to deliver great Wii games now, but as we remember from Ubisoft's promise to deliver "1st party quality" games, promises don't mean crap. WiiHD hopes readers take a Missouri-style (the "Show me" state) approach to Treyarch's promises.

We're going to cover PS360 material on WaWii, but all the time you're seeing PS3 previews (like today), ask yourself why we aren't seeing Wii previews…? PS360 World at War footage came out well before E3, but not WaWii. There's been lots of game media coverage of the PS360 game, but very limited coverage of WaWii. Why isn't Treyarch getting WaWii out there? Wii fans aren't going to get quality by continuing to buy crap. So don't fork over your money until Trayarch actually shows us the goods.

Today's preview comes from the venerable, and covers the PS3 version. Gritty? Yeah, we've heard. Not "Really" CoD5? Like we care? What's new is coverage of the Japanese AI. Treyarch has attempted to get the units to replicate tactics of the Japanese military. It's encouraging that they're trying, at the very least. It'd be nice if the game really set itself apart from other WWII shooters with a unique experience. WiiHD likes gritty, a la the Batman and Bond movie relaunches. But cinematics alone don't make a great game, so it's nice that they're putting thought into AI tactics.

The most interesting tidbit is the vehicle-based online mode. Details are sketchy, but Treyarch is tailoring some maps for jeep, armored car and tank skirmishes. Will there be a limited number of vehicles available for a few soldiers, with the rest on foot like Blood Gulch? Or will these be vehicle-only skirmishes? Will vehicles only be for these tailor made maps, or can they allowed in others as well? We'll have to wait and see. Remember, this is coverage of the PS3 version. Will WaWii miss out on any extra features? Hurry up and show off the Wii version of the game Treyarch so we can stop asking.

Incredibly limited selection of game media for WaWii available after the break.

2 Wii Screens (yes, only two):

2 DS Screens


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