Nintendo Muzzles Miyamoto
10 Aug 2008 20:07
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Nintendo Muzzles Miyamoto


In an attempt (supposedly) to protect Miyamoto's extremely valuable idea-set, Nintendo has banned him from talking publicly about his hobbies.

Having managed to lure millions to games with the inventiveness of characters such as Zelda and Mario, it became Mr Miyamoto's hobbies that shifted gears for Nintendo in the next-generation console era. And as Nintendo's Wii games console approaches its second year, even the most fleeting insight into how Mr Miyamoto is spending his work or play-time is creating huge interest.

How could this backfire? Well there's a whole lot not to like Nintendo as a company these days. Miyamoto, however casual some of his hobbies may be, is still as core as they come, and is often a breath of fresh air to core Nintendo gamers. He might even be our best hope for new 1st party FPS on Wii. The less we hear him talking, the less faith a lot of us will have in Nintendo. They may be chasing Blue Ocean waves right now, but if the core gamer ever finally gives up on them, even Miyamoto's secret stash of cash-ual won't be enough to save them.


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