BioShock Wii
12 Aug 2008 01:05
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

BioShock Wii


BioShock was one of the biggest games of 2007, and 2007 was no small year for gaming. In an interview with Gamasutra, 2K Boston tech director Chris Kline started talking about Wii and BioShock. In the same thought. Not entirely negatively!

I think there is an appetite out there; it's just a matter of finding the right way to bring it to them.

I don't think there's anything preventing the game complexity of BioShock from being on the Wii.

He condescendingly mentions the need to educate Wii gamers when it comes to core games, but other than that, it's a much more positive perspective than we're used to hearing from developers that aren't already devoted to Wii. A lot of what has prevented core games from getting Wii ports, and what has prevented Wii projects from getting big budgets and AAA teams has been the acrimony of developers and marketers convinced that nothing but mini-games can sell on Wii. Having now built an install base larger than the 360s in a year less time, reality seems to be dawning on developers. They can't ignore Wii anymore.

So does this mean BioShock is coming to Wii? The comment had more to do with mechanics than the franchise specifically, so while anything is possible, you shouldn't hold your breath. I think the attitude displayed by the comments does increase our odds for BioShock 2 though (BioShock 2 Developer 2K Marin has a job posting seeking Wii experience).


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