Tenchu 4 Kitty Gameplay
15 Aug 2008 23:46
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Tenchu 4 Kitty Gameplay


Ninjas? Check. Bloody Assassinations? Check. A stealthy bag of tricks including ninja kitties? Check. Wait, what?

Tenchu 4 is a Wii exclusive, and the first video after the break demonstrates that not-so-innovative remote stealth gameplay. What makes the gameplay mechanism fraking awesome is that the remote unit is a kitty cat. The game hasn't been high on WiiHD's attention list, but the cat footage is tough to pass up.

The simple retrieval mission demonstrated below is hopefully not the extent of kitty shennigans possible with this game. WiiHD wants the ability to direct cats to locations strategically near enemy ninjas' sleep quarters, and then to have them do what cats do—sleep. Defeating an enemy ninja is just a day job. Recording the look on his face when he steps on a sleeping cat right after waking up and uploading it to youtube is sweet victory.

Watch the footage after the break.


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