Civ Rev Tips: James Bond Edition
18 Aug 2008 20:26
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Civ Rev Tips: James Bond Edition


WiiHD's Civilization Revolution tutorial was fairly well received, so we're going to begin to give you some more pointers to up your game play. If you enjoy this post, let us know with a comment, and we'll consider turning it into a series.

Civilization Revolution is a complex game with different ways to win and many different successful strategies that depend on the civilization you're playing with, the civs you are competing against, and the situation you're in at the moment (as well as obviously, the difficulty level). There is no single strategy that will win you the game every time, especially in multiplayer against real people. There ARE however, some tricks that when used correctly, give you a much needed edge. Although WiiHD plays the DS version, these tips apply to all platforms.

Tinker, Tenor, Tailor, Spy

One of the most useful units in the game is the spy. Under the right circumstances, they can be the most potent units in pursuit of Economic and Cultural Victories. Especially in those instances where another Civilization is far ahead on those conditions. Spies can let you turn their strength into a weakness, and your weakness into a strength. I've come from far behind in Deity Difficulty games with this plan of attack. Here's how you do it.

I'm sure you know by now that you can steal Great People and Gold, but doing it piecemeal and risking the loss of spies is no way to win. What you need is a battle plan. First you need a target. To target the right Civilization, you need to decide what victory condition you're going after. Hit the Who's Winning section and see who's ahead in Cultural or Economic Achievements. Now you need a target City.

As a default, Capital Cities are a great place to go. There are usually a number of Great People settled there, and they usually have a large population. But they aren't Always the fastest growing city or the one with the most Great People, nor are they always the easiest to access. Cities that are close to your own border and connected by land can be the quickest, if not the richest targets.


1. You need defensive armies. How many depends on how far ahead of your enemies you are in technology. If you have modern armor, and they're still attacking with Knights, one army could probably suffice for a nearby enemy city. If they have higher assault capabilities, you'll want more armies with better upgrades.
2. You need spies and at least one spy army. The spy army is for spy-to-spy combat only. How many individual spies you get depends on how rich the target is.
3. You need a means home if you are stealing Great People. If you're stealing Gold, this is less important, though you may still want to retrieve defensive units and spy armies once you've sucked one city dry and want to move on to another.

  • 3.1 If the city is on another continent, or otherwise requires an ocean invasion to assault (same continent, but with no available or convenient land path to the city), you need an army of ships capable of repelling naval and air assaults. Early in the game, a veteran Cruiser army may be enough. However enemy Bombers and sometimes even fighters can defeat Cruisers (Even Cruiser armies), so you may need to either sacrifice one and have a backup for the return trip strategically placed to avoid enemy attention, or you may need a veteran Battleship Army
  • 3.2 If you're on land, and the target city is more than two spaces away from a fortified friendly city (2 spaces is how many moves a Great Person can make per turn), then you need to defend that Great Person on it's trip back home to avoid losing him. One way is to have a Indefatigable upgrade on a defensive army, so you can move it along with the Great Person without slowing him down. Another way, useful if the enemy has attack units like tanks and planes, is to have prepositioned defensive units (so you can fortify them and make them that much better a defense) every two spaces between the target and your destination city. Now you can only steal one Great Person per city, per turn, so you can leave them all right outside the city protected by your fortified Army until you've exhausted that city's supply, and then bring them all home together at the same time.

The Assault

You need at least one defensive army immediately outside the target city, and it's a good idea to fortify it there a turn before you drop your spies off in case the enemy has stronger attack units than you anticipated. Better to have to rebuild one defensive army than to have to rebuild that AND a dozen spies while having gifted a dozen spies to your mortal foe.

One your defensive army is fortified, move your spies and at least one spy army into position. Use the Spy army to check for the city for defensive spies. If there are none, choose "Leave Quietly" from the espionage menu. Your spy army will remain to fight another day. Now use a regular spy to conduct the espionage of choice, steal gold or steal a Great Person. How much gold you can steal is limited only by how many spies you have, how much Gold the enemy civilization has, and how big the population of the target city is (you can steal more gold per turn, per spy from larger cities). But you can only steal one Great Person per city per turn. Once that spy has stolen whatever, it will disappear, it's mission accomplished. This is why we don't use the spy army for espionage, it's a waste of resources.

Sometimes even an individual enemy spy can defeat your spy army. Especially at higher difficulty levels. Them's the breaks. If you brought spare spies, you can make a new army on the spot. WiiHD recommends against premaking multiple spy armies though. You always have the option of making more armies later, but you can't unmake pre-made armies if it turns out you don't need them.

Now you need to execute your exit strategy. Get those Great People back home, and/or retrieve your defensive units and left over spies to assault another city. Remember that you can't move any spies that "Left Quietly" that same turn, you'll have to wait to move them till the next turn, so don't move out your defenses too soon. Settle your new Great People, and not only have your deprived the enemy of imminent victory, you've moved yourself that much closer. If you steal 5 Great People, and settle them all, that a 10 Great Person swing, and that represents a HUGE change in the balance of power on the planet. I've stolen more than 5,000 Gold in a single assault on a single city in one turn before. I've stolen as many as 10 Great people from different Civs in the course of a single game before.

Think ahead and don't wait too long to strike this way. It isn't just for winning Cultural and Economic victories either, since both the gold and the Great Persons come with various fringe benefits that can help you along your way to any style of victory.

Good luck, and remember, if you want to see more tip posts like this one, leave a comment (shaken, not stirred) and let us know.


Continued after the break (click the permalink to see the rest of this post).

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