New MADWORLD Trailer is... MAD
20 Aug 2008 18:35
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

New MADWORLD Trailer is... MAD


When last Kotaku got their hands on MadWorld, they felt it might be a little repetitive (though probably not as repetitive as the, uh "MAD" post titles that are all the rage /abject shame). It's hard to know from a distance, but the new MADWORLD trailer looks as though there are plenty of ways to kill and mutilate your fellow game show players. Watch it after the break.

In other MADWORLD news, Nintendo Wii Fanboy tells us that MADWORLD, amongst others, won't be released in Germany due to a restrictive ratings system.

Finally, to round out the MAD news cycle, Nintendo Wii Fanboy brings us counter-coverage of MADWORLD's violence from freelancer Thom Binsdale. He looks at backlash from the British Press, founded on the idea that Wii was supposed to be THE family-friendly console, and wonders if the casual crowd will be as accommodating of the core crowd as we have been of them. Core Wii players (this is WiiHD speaking, not Thom), have never been happy about not getting core games, but they haven't really begrudged the casuals from having their fun. The main complaint is that while Nintendo has been catering to casuals, they've largely ignored the core. If that changes, as it seems to be, core gamers are going to perfectly happy no matter how successful Wii Fit is. Thom thinks that, judging from the British Press' reaction, casual gamers may not be quite so accomodating. They may not want to share their gaming platform with… you know… games.

Shocker. Now watch the trailer after the break.

New MADWORLD Trailer:

Old MADWORLD Trailer:


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