Wii Wish: Mirror's Edge
31 Aug 2008 22:24
David MarseillesDavid Marseilles

Wii Wish: Mirror's Edge


The Wii's library has taken extraordinary leaps and bounds since last year, especially in the 3rd party category. But that shouldn't keep us from hoping for more. There are some great games out there that Wii hasn't gotten a shot at yet, and Wii Wish is where WiiHD (and you) can document those great titles.

Today's featured title is Mirror's Edge. A First Person Action Adventure title, Mirror's Edge has a highly versatile gameplay model that allows you navigate the finer gradations of your environment with more freedom than most games. As we've talked about before, more photo-realism begs for more freedom of movement—and Mirror's Edge seems poised to deliver just that.

You are Faith, a loving sister looking to secure your sibling's freedom from an evil regime. Right now you're acting as a message runner for the criminal element, since Big Brother watches all conventional communications. In the course of playing (running), you'll be subjected to a game interface that really tries to immerse you in your environment, not just with effects and lighting, but with visual feedback of your actions. You'll see your arms and legs pumping, hear your lungs laboring and you'll see realistic recoil when you make a landing.

In fact, seeing this game is believing (unless you're prone to motion-sickness). Hit the break for some video, tell us what you think, and then describe the game you wish were coming to Wii. Don't hold back either, swing for the fences.



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