Rumor: World At War Perks List (Updated)


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Rumor: World At War Perks List (Updated)

Update: Vampheric did not do the collection work for his lists, he just copied them from elsewhere without crediting the original creator, so he is no longer credited for it. FullMetal at seems to be the origin of most of the list. The lists in this post have been updated to reflect FullMetal's work, his graphical guide has been added, and his weapon's guide, which is both more complete and better sourced, has been posted.

An industrious GameFaqs user, Vampheric FullMetal has put together a list of perks and weapons expected in Call of Duty: World at War. We've filed this under rumor, since the list isn't completely sourced and we lack links, but most of it reeks of truthiness, so we're passing it on. FullMetal Claims the italicized perks and weapons have been confirmed. You be the judge.


- Juggernaut (Confirmed by Treyarch in interview)
- Martyrdom (Confirmed by Treyarch in interview)
- Stopping Power (August issue of Xbox Magazine, thanks shawn12390!)
- Deep Impact (August issue of Xbox Magazine, thanks shawn12390!)
- Flack Jacket [Allows the player to survive heavy grenade impacts/blasts.] (Confirmed by GameSpot)
- 'Mid clip M1 Reloading' (Confirmed by "computerandvideogames" article, thanks MaTtKs1! And also Gameplay Footage)
- Sleight of Hand
- Extreme Conditioning
- Steady Aim
- Bandoleer
- Iron Lungs
- Sonic Boom [adds the ability to spread a deadlier & vaster sea of fire, thanks pr1ck for the idea]
- Last Stand
- Monkey [Climbing trees, thanks GirlsHateMe]
- Frogman [Faster Swimming, thanks GirlsHateMe]
- Play Dead [Ability to fake death, thanks GirlsHateMe]
- Crouch Sprinter [Allows you to sprint while being in crouch position/cover, thanks GirlsHateMe]
- Banzai [Allows you to draw, charge & use your melee weapons alot faster (even when sprinting), providing more damage to the enemy, thanks GirlsHateMe]

Vehicle related perks

- "Extra armour" [This makes each vehicle stronger ["Juggernaut" perk for vehicles]
- "Lightweight tank/vehicle" [This gives each vehicle the ability to go very fast but on the other hand you'll be more vulnerable. ["Extreme Conditioning" for vehicles]
- "Mechanic" [Repairing vehicles (to a certain extent), thanks GirlsHateMe]
- Chameleon [Adds vegetation foliage to your tank for camouflage concealment]
- Lubricant [Faster tank turrent movement]
- Machine Gunner [Adds a machine gun to any vehicle that can be fitted with one]
- Tank Commander [Allows infantry to be spawned next to you your vehicle so you can provide them cover/a lift]
- Optics [Interior tank view for zoomed and more precise targeting; "Red Orchestra" style]
- High-explosive (HE) Round [Does more damage to infantry and has a higher blast radius, good for taking out groups but is weak against tanks]
- Armour-piercing (AP) [Does more damage to tanks but is weak against infantry]
- Dragon [Adds a flamethrower to your tank but other rounds are disabled]

What are perks? They are player customizations that let you add certain skills to your in-game self, creating a custom class of soldier. Perks were a very popular part of Infinity Ward's hit Call of Duty 4, so Treyarch has wisely chosen to keep them in World at War. In addition to an equally unsourced Weapons list, there's a CoD4 perks trailer FullMetal's visual guide to confirmed weapons is after the break, to help you get an idea of what Treyarch is shooting for.

Call Of Duty 5: World At War Guns and Explosives


United States

- Colt 45 (Confirmed: Screenshot)
- Smith & Wesson revolver
- M1 Carbine (Confirmed: Magazine Scans)
- M1 Garand (Confirmed: Trailer & Screenshots)
- M1 Thompson (Confirmed: Trailer & Screenshots)
- B.A.R. (Possibly Confirmed: 3d screenshot released)
- Johnson Rifle
- Johnson Light Machine Gun [thanks, GirlsHateMe]
- Springfield Sniper Rifle / Springfield Rifle (Confirmed: IGN E3 Screenshots)
- Jackson Sniper Rifle
- Shotgun (Confirmed: Trailer)
- MKII Frag Grenade
- Browning M1919(A6) .30 Cal
- M9 Bazooka (Confirmed: 2 Player Co-op gameplay from E3 Activision conference
- Flamethrower (Confirmed: Screenshots, Trailer, Interview)
- Bayonet / Machete

Soviet Union (Russia)

- T-33 [Tokarev] (Confirmed: Screenshot)
- Nagant Revolver
- Mosin Nagant (Confirmed: Trailer)
- Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle (Confirmed: IGN E3 Screenshots)
- SVT-40 [+ Scope]
- PPSh-41 (Confirmed: Trailer)
- PPS-43
- 'Double Barreled Shotgun' (Confirmed: Gameplay Footage)
- Degtarev
- PTRS-41 [Anti Tank]
- Bayonet / fighting knife

Japanese Empire

- Nambu
- Arisaka rifle (Confirmed: Trailer & Screenshots)
- Arisaka Sniper Rifle
- Type 100 SMG (Confirmed: Trailer & Screenshots)
- Type 99 Light Machine Gun
- Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun
- Shin Gunto [Military "Katana"/sword] (Confirmed: Trailer, screenshots, …)
- Type 99 Kiska grenade (Confirmed: Gameplay Footage)
- Bayonet / Fighting knife


- Luger
- Wahlter
- K98 [+ Scoped] (Confirmed: "Reichstag" screenshot)
- Gewehr 43 [+ Scoped]
- MP40 (Confirmed: Screenshot)
- MP44
- MG42
- MG34
- Raketpanzerbüsche 43 (Confirmed: Screenshot)
- Panzerfaust
- Stielhandgranate
- Bajonet & fighting knife

In general

- Smoke Grenades (Confirmed: Co-Operative trailer, Heads Up Display shows us "smoke grenades"
- Bajonet attachements (Confirmed in the trailer/screenshots, but interview/podcast deny the actual "use" by player)
- Molotov Cocktails (Confirmed: "Modsonline inside look" and Gameplay Footage)
- Satchel Charges
- Mines

Visual guide to Call of Duty: World at War Weapons (Click for full size image):


Source (Updated) Via SlyFoxxonius With help locating the original source from Jahmaal | Permalink

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