Shut Up George
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Nintendo Exec George Harrison is begging 3rd parties to ignore Wii hardcore gamers by saying they don't exist. He's done it perpetually in public, and no doubt in private as well. This page is dedicated to the damage he has done to the 3rd party hardcore gaming on the Wii—which, coincidentally has placed MP3C into a competition free zone. Shut up, George.

From Forbes Why is it taking so long for Nintendo to make its online game-play system as strong as Sony's or Microsoft's? People want to play Wii Sports with friends and strangers across the world.

George Harrison: People's ideas of playing online hinges on existing gamers. It means playing Halo in a massively multi-player way. The online experience doesn't have to be as narrow as that. If what you want is an aggressive game you can play online with your friends, maybe the Wii isn't the best fit for that. In our attitude there are a lot more people in our new expanded audience than there are traditional gamers. We think there's a social aspect in real life, in your living room for Wii sports. That said, we do have online games coming.

Emphasis mine. Other George Harrison quotes will in the future.