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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 20 Aug 2008 02:54
Tags: conduit fps news scifi

Nintendo Hearts The Conduit


High Voltage Software sent out a press release today announcing that The Conduit would be featured in Nintendo's own booth at PAX.

The Good News: Nintendo's recognizing one the best games in the queue for Wii.

The Bad News: In exchange High Voltage had to agree to turn the game into an on-rails shooter and turn the aliens into candy peeps and the guns into water pistols.

Okay, we don't actually know that High Voltage made those particular compromises, but naturally, we're concerned about any involvement Nintendo might have. On the one hand, them taking a close interest in The Conduit could lead to exceptions to the archaic game-breaking Friend Code infrastructure Nintendo clings to. On the other hand, if this is an indication that Nintendo is interested in publishing The Conduit (after all, they aren't known for heavily promoting 3rd party games to the exclusion of their own), it might lead institution of Friend Codes in a game-breaking way. WiiHD is always hopeful that Nintendo will change their ways, even a little. But we're not holding our breath.

So we do want Nintendo to heart The Conduit, just not in an Elmyra Duff kind of way. A little TLC is okay, but SIDS is not.

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 15 Aug 2008 22:55
Tags: ds fps moon scifi

There's More Than One Dark Side of the Moon (DS)


With Civilization Revolution out of the way, Moon is quickly becoming WiiHD's most anticipated DS title. Eerie, moody, suspenseful and brimming with action, it has elements more closely associated with Microsoft's gaming division than Nintendo's. One of the advantages to being on top, as the DS is in the portable wars, is getting a little bit of everything.

The point of this post is to let you get a gander at the new Moon trailer. It isn't big, but it doesn't really need to be. It's after the break (would that WiiHD's plumber would keep his moon after the break too), so see for yourself.

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 12 Aug 2008 01:05
Tags: bioshock fps horror wii

BioShock Wii


BioShock was one of the biggest games of 2007, and 2007 was no small year for gaming. In an interview with Gamasutra, 2K Boston tech director Chris Kline started talking about Wii and BioShock. In the same thought. Not entirely negatively!

I think there is an appetite out there; it's just a matter of finding the right way to bring it to them.

I don't think there's anything preventing the game complexity of BioShock from being on the Wii.

He condescendingly mentions the need to educate Wii gamers when it comes to core games, but other than that, it's a much more positive perspective than we're used to hearing from developers that aren't already devoted to Wii. A lot of what has prevented core games from getting Wii ports, and what has prevented Wii projects from getting big budgets and AAA teams has been the acrimony of developers and marketers convinced that nothing but mini-games can sell on Wii. Having now built an install base larger than the 360s in a year less time, reality seems to be dawning on developers. They can't ignore Wii anymore.

So does this mean BioShock is coming to Wii? The comment had more to do with mechanics than the franchise specifically, so while anything is possible, you shouldn't hold your breath. I think the attitude displayed by the comments does increase our odds for BioShock 2 though (BioShock 2 Developer 2K Marin has a job posting seeking Wii experience).

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 08 Aug 2008 22:04
Tags: cod5 currents feature fps news wawii wii

No Online Co-op for Call of Duty WaWii


"JD", a community manager for Treyarch, has confirmed that the Wii Version of Call of Duty, World at War (WaWii), will feature only 2 player offline co-op, rather than the 4 player online co-op found in the PS360 versions. In a prior interview with Joystiq, Treyarch told us this:

But, [the Wii Version] will be the exact [same] experience except for the changes that we need to make for the controls and everything else. (emphasis WiiHD's)

"And everything else" seems to encompass quite a bit. We warned you not to count on a full feature set for WaWii until you actually see it with your own eyes.

As for a reason why the Wii won't be getting 4 player online co-op, JD claims that they opted for more impressive visuals, and in the process had to sacrifice the feature set. The specifically cite DX9 shader tech for the impact on online play.

How's that for a tradeoff? Everyone wants games on Wii that look better than PS2 titles, but is it worth it to sacrifice features? Do you really think Treyarch was stuck here, or is their inability to strike a balance between graphics and features just evidence that Wii is still getting the short end of the stick? Would 2 player online coop have been doable? Would a co-op version with DX9 turned off have been possible?

WiiHD doubts Treyarch really went to the mattresses for us. What do you think? Hit the break to see the email exchange that revealed this information.

Thanks to Army of 2 and Stephen3593 from Bravo Company
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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 07 Aug 2008 21:29
Tags: conduit fps scifi video wii

Ford Kills 'em All in The Conduit

IGN has some 3 new videos for the Conduit. Check them out after the break.

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 06 Aug 2008 22:48
Tags: fps moh news

Medal Of Honor: Operation Anaconda


Rumors of the next entry in the Medal of Honor series going (mostly) modern appear to be growing in credibility. Specifically the title appears to be based on the actual Operation Anaconda from 2002 in Afghanistan—one of the largest conflicts from the Afghanistan theater of the War on Terror. The Operation took place in an al-Qaida/Taliban stronghold that was also the site of heavy fighting during the Soviet invasion.

JeuxVideo only lists PC, 360 and PS3 versions. Is EA going to give Wii another cold shoulder and offer us another portable port scrap while Activision is turning up the heat on the platform with shooters like Quantum of Solace and WaWii, while Ubisoft is planning their next exclusive Wii shooter and while WiiHD's heroes High Voltage prep The Conduit? We'll just have to wait and see.

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 04 Aug 2008 23:15
Tags: cod5 fps preview wii

Call of Duty: World at War (WaWii)

WiiHD wants to be wrong about WaWii, but we still have our doubts. Will it run smoothly? Will Treyarch learn the control lessons of MoHH2? Will the online modes provide balanced play and aggressive competition? Will it be as fully featured as the PS360? We all hope that at this point, incomplete games (like Call of Duty 3 Wii) are a thing of the past. Everybody is promising to deliver great Wii games now, but as we remember from Ubisoft's promise to deliver "1st party quality" games, promises don't mean crap. WiiHD hopes readers take a Missouri-style (the "Show me" state) approach to Treyarch's promises.

We're going to cover PS360 material on WaWii, but all the time you're seeing PS3 previews (like today), ask yourself why we aren't seeing Wii previews…? PS360 World at War footage came out well before E3, but not WaWii. There's been lots of game media coverage of the PS360 game, but very limited coverage of WaWii. Why isn't Treyarch getting WaWii out there? Wii fans aren't going to get quality by continuing to buy crap. So don't fork over your money until Trayarch actually shows us the goods.

Today's preview comes from the venerable computerandvideogames.com, and covers the PS3 version. Gritty? Yeah, we've heard. Not "Really" CoD5? Like we care? What's new is coverage of the Japanese AI. Treyarch has attempted to get the units to replicate tactics of the Japanese military. It's encouraging that they're trying, at the very least. It'd be nice if the game really set itself apart from other WWII shooters with a unique experience. WiiHD likes gritty, a la the Batman and Bond movie relaunches. But cinematics alone don't make a great game, so it's nice that they're putting thought into AI tactics.

The most interesting tidbit is the vehicle-based online mode. Details are sketchy, but Treyarch is tailoring some maps for jeep, armored car and tank skirmishes. Will there be a limited number of vehicles available for a few soldiers, with the rest on foot like Blood Gulch? Or will these be vehicle-only skirmishes? Will vehicles only be for these tailor made maps, or can they allowed in others as well? We'll have to wait and see. Remember, this is coverage of the PS3 version. Will WaWii miss out on any extra features? Hurry up and show off the Wii version of the game Treyarch so we can stop asking.

Incredibly limited selection of game media for WaWii available after the break.

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 30 Jul 2008 19:07
Tags: conduit e3 fps scifi wii

Tell Her What She Won Bob...


Have you been wondering if the world was as excited about The Conduit as you are? Well, at the very least, they're noticing it. Here's some of the awards it garnered from it's demoing at E3:

- Best Wii Game of E3 (IGN.com)
- Best Wii Shooter of E3 (IGN.com)
- Best Graphics Technology on Wii (IGN.com)
- Honorable Mention for Real-Time Control on Wii (IGN.com)
- Best Wii Game of E3 (Gametrailers.com)
- Top 20 Games of E3 (Edge-online.com)

Congratulations High Voltage. We knew you could do it. Although the award we still want to see is "Best Online Wii Game with No Friend Codes". =)

Not sure what The Conduit is? 1) Shame on you, and 2) check out the gallery after the break.

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 30 Jul 2008 03:25
Tags: fps news redsteel wii

Red Steel 2 Hearts Motion Plus

Ubisoft is telling us that our Red Steel sword action will be enhanced by Motion Plus. When we told you about Motion Plus, swordplay was on our minds, but at that time we didn't know that Nintendo hadn't given Developers a head's up on the technology, so the Star Wars lightsaber titles (and their players) were robbed of the opportunity to go first.

You'll remember we told you the Wiimote's accelerometer lacks the ability to sense rotation around its horizontal axis (yaw), as it has no gyroscope. Motion Plus adds that vital piece of the puzzle and makes figuring out 1 to 1 motions less of a guessing game for developers.

Swordplay was not our favorite part of Red Steel, since once you figured it out, it was more like waggle than sword fighting. Get the right rhythm going and you were unstoppable. The wiimote was to sword fighting like the NES power pad was to jogging—not realistic. Hopefully MP will go a long way towards fixing that, and sword fighting will be more fun this time around. No word on whether Motion Plus will be required to play (we doubt it though).

The bad news is that Ubisoft didn't get this thing any earlier than anyone else. That they have time to add it in means they aren't planning on delivering a product any time soon. Our best guess is to look for Q1 2009 or later.

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 29 Jul 2008 20:30
Tags: ea fps news

EA Backed Wrong Pony

EA is saying mea culpa. They did their homework before this gaming generation began, and they didn't anticipate Wii dominance (though in fairness, who did?). WiiHD appreciates the sports lineup EA brings, and doesn't even mind the added All-Play functionality, but the rest of the lineup Joystiq lists is typical casual fare. WiiHD has also featured coverage of SimCity Creator, which looks nice, and EA wouldn't be the worst publisher for The Conduit either (it's a tough category).

WiiHD is expecting MoH: Afghanistan to not only be on Wii, but to take full advantage (and then some) of the system. If EA manages to pick up take-two, we expect Civilization Revolution and an Alpha Centauri sequel as well. Until then, keep your apologies to yourself. We want real games please.

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