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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 29 Oct 2008 23:39
Tags: fps qos spy video

Quantum of Solace in Motion (for Wii!)

Controls (about 2:30 in) have 3 presets and "Custom". It's unclear just how custom custom is, but we continue to hope for MoHH2 or Conduit-level customizations like changing the bounding box and button mappings. Also, WiiHD really hopes that "shaking" the nunchuck is not the only way to reload.

Anyway, we've seen lots of footage and promotion for this game on the PS360, so we're glad to finally bring you a bundle of Wii footage.

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 09 Oct 2008 16:15
Tags: action fps qos screens spy stealth wii

Rumored First Quantum of Solace Wii Screen

Here's the litmus test WiiHD has laid down for Wii ports. If the publisher is pushing their PS360 assets on anyone with a pulse, but you can't kick and drag Wii assets out of them, it means the Wii version looks like crap. If there are PS360 previews months before there are Wii previews, the game plays like crap. If the press releases spend lots of time talking about PS360 features and remain ambiguous on Wii features until a month before release, the Wii gets crappy features. It didn't take rocket science to come up with the formula, but it seems to be holding pretty true.

After a lot of time waiting while Quantum of Solace PS360 was hyped and showed off everywhere, NeoGAF user The-Switcher claims to have the first Wii screenshot of Quantum of Solace. This is the game that is supposed to be using the same modified CoD4 engine that WaWii is using. But look at that water (after the break). Bond himself doesn't look that bad (though his jacket does leak into his pants on the lower left), but there's a lot not to like. And remember, this is a screenshot they've chosen to Show-Off the game. Imagine the ones that ended up being rejected as good publicity shots… No, that isn't a poorly textured rug, it's a pool. It's also an omen for 2008 Activision games using the modified CoD4 engine. I'll let you guess whether it's a good or bad omen.

So that's what the modified CoD4 engine can do? It's actually good news in a way. WiiHD has decided to sell our company car after a little tinkering. And we're betting our 'modifed' Jaguar will be super popular on ebay.

The first Wii Screen is after the break. View at your own risk. If you need to recuperate afterwards, go look at The Conduit's gallery.

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 07 Oct 2008 20:10
Tags: cod5 fps news qos wawii

Wii Multiplayer Loses Steam

Once upon a time, players of EA's PSP port, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (MoHH2), labored under the assumption that every major shooter thereafter would be better in every way than MoHH2. Why wouldn't it be? Yes, MoHH2 got a lot of the fundamentals right, but it was still a PSP port made on a shoestring budget by a team that had never developed for a console before. Those MoHH2 players were wrong.

WiiHD has delayed reporting one of the more depressing details of IGN's most recent preview of WaWii (World at War Wii), but the time has come to bite the bullet. Instead of the 32 player online multiplayer offered by MoHH2, or even the 16 player multiplayer offered by the PS360 version of WaW, IGN indicates that WaWii will have 8 player online. Also, the online vehicle mode Treyarch was so proud of will not be present in WaWii. Finally, no Wii-Speak either (more Nintendo's fault than anyone else's).

Following that news, Nintendojo is reporting (Thanks KeiKong) that Activision and Beenox will be putting a 4 player online multiplayer component into the Wii version of Quantum of Solace—the same number of players available in QoS's offline multiplayer component. This compared to the 12 player online multiplayer component in the PS360 version.

So what improvements are being made over MoHH2? The Call of Duty 4 engine is being used. It was also Treyarch's excuse for dumbing down coop-options for WaWii. WiiHD is grateful that an effort is being made to make Wii games look better than PS2 games. But we never asked for our gameplay to get watered down. WiiHD exists as a conduit for opinion promoting excellence in gameplay, and in these announcements, we are extremely disappointed. So we've put the kind of effort into this post's graphics that Activision has put into the Wii feature set.


by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 28 Aug 2008 18:40
Tags: fps interview qos spy wii

Joystiq's Quantum of Solace Interview


Nothing crazy ground-breaking. The game has been in development since Casino Royale, so they claim the quality is higher than most Licensed games that rush to meet a movie release date. Here are some quotes. The full interview is linked below.

Quantum of Solace will follow the story of the film. In fact, one of the reasons we went and visited the sets was so that we could take reference photos so that our environments can look as identical to the film as possible. We've also got some scenes from Casino Royale in here, which play out as flashbacks throughout the game. The game is called Quantum of Solace, so we wanted you to get straight into the new stuff from the first level. There are also some levels that show scenes that are not from either films, but are part of their stories.

Daniel Craig was actually the most reluctant [to be in the game]. He's a big gamer himself and didn't want to be in a poorly made licensed game, so we sat him down and let him play an early build. He loved it and came back to us to say "Okay, I'll do it." Since then he's been a very important part of making the game what it is. We try to get him to give us feedback as much as possible, but he is obviously a very busy man. We'll send script drafts to him to check over, so he's been been involved with that aspect too.

A gallery is after the break, conspicuously lacking in Wii screens and video.

Joystiq Interview | Permalink

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 25 Aug 2008 03:51
Tags: bond fps news qos spy wii

Quantum of Solace (Wii) Exclusive 4 Player Offline Vs Mode


Worthplaying.com brings us news that Quantum of Solace (Wii) will have 4 player vs offline split screen. Every forum WiiHD goes to has tons of users whining about the Conduit and WaWii and splitscreen. To those off-line enthusiasts, Quantum of Solace is your official split screen shooter. This mode is exclusive to the Wii version. Here's some other details for the Wii version.

  • Paying special attention towards making the game one of the most graphically stunning titles on the Wii, Quantum of Solace: The Game is filled with armed combat, massive explosions and vertigo-inducing chases. Gamers are further drawn into epic movie moments with theatrical camera angles, split screen effects, picture-in-picture sequences, and visually stunning real world locations such as Montenegro, Venice, Bolivia and Austria.
  • Players fully immerse themselves into the Bond universe utilizing controls designed specifically for the Wii. Players may choose to use the unique Wii Remote and Nunchuk control scheme to seamlessly target and engage their enemies or they can leverage the Wii Zapper to truly step into the shoes of James Bond.
  • Bringing James Bond to the Wii for the first time, gamers now have the ability to battle their friends in online multiplayer battle. Players can also engage with up to four players in split screen local multiplayer games, a mode that is exclusive to the Wii platform.

As you can see, online multiplayer is in the picture as well. What do you think? Did anyone out there just decide QoS was there new favorite shooter?

Worthplaying.com Via Nintendo Wii Fanboy | Permalink

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 18 Jul 2008 22:33
Tags: ds fps qos screens video

Quantum of Solace Teaser Trailer and DS Screens


We tried, but there just didn't seem to be a clever title hiding in this tidbit. We've got the Quantum of Solace Teaser Trailer fresh from Gametrailers, and some info and screens on the DS version of the game.

The Trailer appears to be a mix of Movie Trailer footage and PS360 footage. It's been a while since we've seen the movie trailer, so we don't know if they grabbed game footage that matches the action portions of the movie trailer or not, but it wouldn't be surprising if they did.

The DS version of the game offers the ability to play using only the stylus. It's unclear whether that's an optional control scheme, or the only one. Well executed, it could be sweet. But things aren't always well-executed, so WiiHD always prefers to have options. You can choose stealth over direct combat, as you'd expect from a Bond game, but here you have upgrades specifically for different styles of play. Although it isn't clear how, playing cards are a part of the enhancement process.

As you'll recall, we told you Treyarch wouldn't be including any card playing in their versions of the game, but the DS version is being developed by Vicarious Visions. We'll try to keep an eye out for more differences as time goes by.

Hit the break for the new Teaser Trailer and 5 DS Screenshots. And check out that 2nd DS screen too. It's from the first Daniel Craig Bond, and is one of the grittiest scenes of Casino Royale. The bathroom also strikes us as a great place to start a Bond game. (Crap, there's material for a clever title)

DS Screens and info Via Activision Press Release | Video Via Gametrailers | Permalink

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 09 Jul 2008 22:20
Tags: fps qos trailer wii

Quantum of Solace In Motion

Via Joystiq | Permalink

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 02 Jul 2008 20:05
Tags: ds fps qos wii

Game Informer's QoS Preview


We've got another Quantum of Solace preview, but this one from Game Informer is a little trigger-happy with its title. It headlines the preview with the tease "Can there be a better Bond than Goldeneye?" Oh yeah, they asked it. The Wussies Game Informer pawns off the answer on QoS developer Treyarch though. They have the same preview images that IGN 360 had.

The results are apparent in the gameplay. Confrontations come in the form of stealthy take-downs, one-on-one shootouts and massive multi-room battles. In our short demo at Treyarch’s studio, we watched Bond use stealth to avoid detection, use his physical prowess to eliminate enemies, and engage wave after wave of opponents while maintaining his cool. Each sequence was drastically different. However, one thing unified them – nonstop action.

Quantum of Solace surveys exotic locations and diverse terrain, with all the stylistic influences we have come to expect in a Bond property. The graphics, interiors and AI in Quantum of Solace are as refined as Bond’s façade. Bond also boasts online play – which will allow gamers to battle friends online in a variety of gameplay modes. So while it is still early, things are looking bright for Bond. Who knows, a complete franchise reboot may be just what the doctor ordered.

This one is coming out for virtually every platform, including the Wii, DS, and sadly, the PS2. You might recall Treyarch mentioned that WaW would be better than CoD3 because there was no PS2 version, and the Wii team was just focusing on Wii. It seems that little quality control morsel might not apply to QoS.

Catch the gallery after the break if you haven't already seen it.

Game Informer | Via GoNintendo | Permalink

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 30 Jun 2008 22:59
Tags: bond fps preview qos


Quantum Of Solace Preview

Remember when everything that happened got blamed on El Nino? These days it seem like every shooter in the queue is being based on CoD4 engine. Quantum of Solace (QoS), Craig's next entry in the Bond Series, is one such game. Today, IGN 360 has a preview of the title. We don't know a lot of details about the Wii version of QoS, but since Treyarch is running World at War on Wii with the CoD4 engine, and Treyarch is in charge of QoS, it stands to reason that QoS (Wii) is supposed to play the same as QoS (360).

Here's what we found interesting from the preview (other than the screens):

  • Uses a quasi-first person perspective. Though FP most of the time, the camera will pivot its view (RB6V style) towards Bond when you back him against a wall or climb a ladder.
  • Stealth is part of the game, as you'd expect, with related sneaking and cover mechanics
  • Regenerative Health with no bar, just a conical field of vision limitation in the style of Bond movie opening credits
  • Craig did all the Bond voicework
  • no driving, no poker, but Bond girls are still in

Screens after the break.
IGN 360 has a preview | Via GoNintendo | Permalink

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 19 Jun 2008 22:38
Tags: ds fps qos screens wii

Quantum of Solace Screen

Get a first look at the new Bond game, Quantum of Solace at Games Radar.
Via Joystiq | Games Radar | Permalink

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