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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 06 Sep 2008 04:31
Tags: fps homebrew quake scifi

Quake Wii Get Its Mods On


Eluan has been hard at work on Quake Wii, making a number of improvements. There's something of a changelog after the break, but the most interesting thing is that users are reporting much greater mod compatibility.

The new release has a big increase in mod compatibility (ive just noticed.) I have tested out [everything] from weapons to bots, and they work [beautifully].

(except for a quick reduction of framerate in a thick strip on the top of the screen using some mods, like bots.)

What does this mean? It means a massive library of quake mods could soon be yours for the asking. Hundreds and hundreds of maps and tweaks could turn Quake Wii into one of the longer-lasting games available on the system.

Excellent news. Discussion of networking elements is still taking place, and there are even dreams of Quake 2 and 3 dancing in developers' heads.

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 24 Jun 2008 06:01
Tags: homebrew news quake

WiiHD's Homebrew Guide

Update 1: A new Starter Kit has been uploaded (page 3) that fixes a few problems with the last one. The new Starter kit should work. Thanks to everyone who reported the problem.

Our glee from playing Quake on Wii has led us to document the experience of setup and installation of the Twilight Hack and Homebrew Channel. It isn't without it's risks, so before considering going Homebrew you should research the matter yourself. If you decide to go for it, hit WiiHD's brand-spankin-new Homebrew Guide and dive in. It includes a video guide for installation and a pre-made install file so all you have to do is unzip to straight to your SD card's root directory and follow the video. It also includes a few more details for people who like to do it all themselves.

As always, WiiHD encourages you to brew responsibly. Respect copyright and keep great homebrew projects available for everyone. Click HERE to see the full WiiHD Homebrew Guide.

Update December 10th, 2008. There's a new version of the twilight hack for the Wii Menu 3.4 update. You can download it here. You can still use it with WiiHD's Homebrew Starter Kit, you just need to replace the "private" directory in the root of the SD card with the new file. I'll probably upload an updated starter kit this week.

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 22 Jun 2008 04:37
Tags: fps homebrew quake wii


Wii Quake

Update 1: I've installed and played through a couple of levels of the shareware version. Expect a homebrew guide in a couple of days as well as some more footage.

This isn't Quake on a PC with a Wiimote. This is Quake on your Wii. Thanks to 24c3, Team Twiizer and the Wii Homebrew community (most importantly tehskeen user eluan who took over the Gamecube project from Peter MacKay), the gamecube version of Quake has been updated to work in Wii Mode, with full wiimote and nunchuck support. Aiming has apparently been ironed out to make it a very nice experience, comparable to MP3C. Watch 8 minutes worth after the break.

It, and other Homebrew is available at Wiibrew.org. WiiHD encourages you to enjoy, but brew responsibly. If you don't own it, don't use it. In the case of Quake, the shareware version is available legally for your playing pleasure. Find out more about this evolving Quake project at the official thread on tehskeen.

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