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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 16 Sep 2008 18:44
Tags: action force-unleashed scifi star-wars tmi

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed TMI

Is there really such a thing as Too Much Information (TMI)? Well every so often, especially during review cycles, WiiHD tries to cram too many quotes into a single post, so we use our TMI format to make things a little easier. Below the review scores are collapsible links (+ View So-and-so's Quotes). When you click them, they pop open with that outfit's most important quotes on the game.

Today is the day many have been waiting for, the release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. So what sort of impressions did it unleash on the critics?

IGN Wii: 7.8 out of 10 (Good)

Game Daily: 7 out of 10 (OK)

GameSpy (Wii): 4.5 out of 5 (Good)

Not the greatest Star Wars game ever, if you believe the reviews. But still a potentially fun romp where you get Jedi powers without all the Jedi moralizing, and a sweet multiplayer mode exclusive to Wii. As always, there's a gallery after the break.


by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 03 Jul 2008 19:01
Tags: civrev strategy tmi

Civ Rev TMI, Featuring DS Fanboy


The long-awaited (by WiiHD) DS Fanboy review of Civilization Revolution is here. If you are a current Civilization fan wondering if the DS version still has something for you, this may be the best review to help you answer that question, given the reviewer history with the game. Alisha Karabinus cares about Civ, and the DS. So 5 days before Civilization Revolution DS launches in the U.S., get the full skinny. She's good about responding to questions too, so feel free to put them in the comments. As such, the DS Fanboy review is our featured review in Today's Civ Rev TMI.

DS Fanboy Review: 8/10

WiiHD's preferred review. Best combination of DS and Civilization experience. Read the whole thing.

IGN 360 Review: 8.8/10

Good Context. If you're choosing between a portable and console version, this is the review to compare against the DS version. IGN's DS review is still pending as of the time of this posting.

Kotaku (PS3 version): doesn't score

We like that kotaku doesn't give a numerical score. Often arbitrary, scores sometimes distract from the review writing, and kotaku writes well. Take a good look at this one.

To break it down, here's some of what we've learned. Unlike what IGN DS indicated earlier, we know stylus control is well-implemented for DS, if you desire to use it. We know the 360 online is mostly smooth from people's demo experiences, however there have also been reports on the 2k forums of the PS3 demo freezing during online play. Hopefully nothing that will affect the full version or the DS game. Worker management is very different—you now pay to build roads. City management is simplified and less important, as your citizens can't starve. Remember that the DS version has no Voicechat, and we're still waiting to hear about how Friend Codes have been implemented. Are they necessary? Can you play random people? Any text communication options? We'll let you know.


by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 28 Jun 2008 01:02
Tags: ds sdb tmi

Super Dodgeball Brawlers TMI

WiiHD has fond memories of Super Dodgeball growing up, despite its moderately racist presentation. When some footage several months ago showed Brawlers going at each other while the dodgeball lays off to the side ignored, we knew SDB would bring more fond memories. So catch some review mash-up below with our official Super Dodgeball Brawlers Too Much Information post. If you're as eager to play it as I am, brace yourselves. It hasn't been warmly received by the critics. WiiHD chooses quotes designed to illuminate how the game plays, so be sure to look past those scores and see the content of the reviews.

IGN Review: 6.5/10 Passable

GamerVision: 7/10

1up Review: C+

Hit the break for some videos.

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 25 Jun 2008 20:11
Tags: gyrostarr news shooter tmi

Gryostarr TMI Update

First up, some new reviews of Gyrostarr (WiiWare) are up.

IGN Review: 7.2/10

Nintendo Wii Fanboy Review: 7/10

Next up, is brand new video footage. MTV put up the first two minutes of play. Watch it after the break (along with other gyro media), it looks fun.
New Video Via GoNintendo | Permalink

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 18 Jun 2008 20:11
Tags: blastworks news shooter tmi

Blast Works TMI (Too Much Info)

TMI is WiiHD's new mash-up format post for games with loads of info out. This will often be done around a game's review season. Rather than spamming the front page with tons of posts, games selected for TMI will get one, over-sized, behemoth post. Today's TMI is Blastworks, an impressive freeware PC game upconverted to Wii with tons of free DLC.
metacritic: 86/100 (based on 5 reviews as of the time of this post)

Wii Fanboy: 9.5/10

For what it is, Blast Works is nearly perfect — it's an excellent sequel to a great shooter, and a brilliant, easy-to-use system for creating more shooters.

IGN Wii: 8.1/10 Impressive

But overall, this is a great value that provides almost limitless replayability. If you consider yourself a shooter fan you should definitely check it out, but I also recommend it to gamers eager to unleash their creativity and design their own BlastWorks.

1up: A rating

It's understandable that not every gamer wants to make games themselves, but even if you're just a shooter fan and not a creator, you should still give Blast Works a chance.

Kotaku: Doesn't rate

Blast Works feels refreshing and different, and it seems to me that there are countless solid hours of playtime there for the detail-oriented.

Hit the Break for a videos including a video review, a gallery of some user-created content and some more links.

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