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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 12 Jun 2008 20:27
Tags: news okami wii

Okami (Wii) Makes Hi-Def Digest Feature

In his column titled "Artful High Definition Games," Wayne Santos examines games as an emerging art form. There's one platform unexpectedly covered in this HD column—it's the only 7th generation console that doesn't support High Definition (720p and higher) output, and that frequently rejects photorealism in favor of heavily stylized graphics. You've already guessed what platform that is? My aren't you clever.

Okami on Wii makes an appearance in his list of artful high definition games, and receives high praise for its appearance, gameplay, and innovation. It may not have been born on Wii, but it's more at home here than virtually any other title, and WiiHD loves it for coming home. Catch some more quotes after the break, or do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.

Even though the game is on the Wii and not actually an HD game, its rewarding gameplay, gorgeous art design, and more innocent themes make it a game well worth owning….

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 11 Jun 2008 18:06
Tags: fps goofy mohh2 wii

You Know You've Been Playing MoHH2 Too Long When...

WiiHD's good friend Sethamiser over at GameFaqs' popular MoHH2 forum posted a nice time-waster that we're all too happy to waste time on. How do you know when you've been playing MoHH2 too long? Here are some featured answers. Catch more after the break, and submit your own.

insomniacman you pull the stem out of the top of your apple and peg your buddy in the head with it, then run.
[or] instead of pulling the stem out of the top of your apple, you do an underhand toss to the ground, followed by strange rapid movement around the apple, then you kick it at your friend. then run.

insomniacman you see aredd holding an apple and immediately hit the sprint button to avoid him.

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 11 Jun 2008 05:07
Tags: conduit fps news wii

Conduit Release Date!

GoNintendo has a press release from High Voltage Software (WiiHD's favorite developer) which just makes us love them all the more. In addition to giving us a release date in the not-too-distant future (Q1 2009), Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage Software, opens up a can of whoop asterisk worthy of song with this quote:

Too many Wii owners have been told that the Wii is a casual platform with no room for serious games or top-tier graphics. With The Conduit, we intend to prove that theory wrong by providing gamers with the kind of title they imagined back when the platform was first announced.

Booyah! Hit the break for the full press release.
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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 10 Jun 2008 23:51
Tags: contest news shooter tournament wii wiiware

Star Soldier R Tournament

Category: Better Late than Never
Starting May 27th, Hudson began running a tournament with their new Star Soldier R shooter for WiiWare. You have until June 24th to register at their website, and then try to get the high score in the 5 minute mode. Just for registering for the tournament, you also get entered into a competition free sweepstakes with a random chance to win some swag.

The award distribution is a little odd, as prizes don't go to the first 3 places. Instead only the top scorer, the 10th scorer (in honor of this being the 10th Star Soldier game) and 16th scorer (in honor of the freakishly fast trigger finger of Takahashi Meijin) get prizes. Hit the break to see the prize list and some SSR video footage.
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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 09 Jun 2008 03:52
Tags: drive flash hard news storage usb wii

Nintendo's Mysterious USB Job Listing?

Nintendo has a job listing, found by Nintencast with Nintendo seeking a "Software/Hardware Tester" whose responsibilities are "Creating and executing a test plan for Wii’s USB devices". This could be anything from a proprietary Wiimote charger to new controllers (like the USB Boogie Mic). But the hope on all our minds is that it is the long await storage solution. Given Miyamoto's recent words on the matter, maybe that's not such a foolish hope. But it probably is.
Via Kotaku

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 06 Jun 2008 19:41
Tags: civ civilization civrev news revolution wii

Why Civilization Revolution Isn't Coming to the Wii


WiiHD is a huge fan of Civilization and Sid Meier's in general. So when we heard about Civilization Revolution, a consoles only reimagining of his long-lived Civilization franchise, we were excited about the possibilities. Briefly, it appeared that the Wii would receive an in-house port of Civ Rev, albeit several months after the PS3, 360, and DS versions. After a couple of months of letting us think that, Firaxis/2K made the decision to cancel forever shelf development of the Wii version indefinately.

Because of the vastly different requirements for the 360/PS3 platforms and the Wii platform, development for Wii had to be from the ground up, whereas PS3 development could share the 360's assets. With manpower and resources limited, the Wii really was the most logical choice to be cut. WiiHD hates that this is true, but sadly it is. They would have us hold out hope that if the game does well, a Wii version might still be developed, so consider purchasing it on the DS or 360. Hit us after the break for quotes and links.

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 03 Jun 2008 20:14
Tags: fps graphics hd high news scifi voltage wii

Behold, The Conduit

High Voltage, WiiHD's new favorite developer has introduced it's newest property, The Conduit. A Scifi FPS with political intrigue, unique gameplay elements, promised online play, and never-before-tried-on-Wii graphical effects, The Conduit promises to be the very first FPS on Wii to bring the whole package. Matt and Bozon, by way of the Nintendo Voicechat podcast, report that High Voltage has plenty of publisher interest, but doesn't need the funding, so they're holding off choosing until the game is ready to roll, and can't be ruined by an over-zealous publisher. Hit the permalink for the trailer and footage of High Voltage's exclusive Wii graphics engine.
Thanks to IGN for the image.

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 06 Sep 2007 23:19
Tags: fps free haze news radical shooter ts4 wii

WiiHD Currents: Free Radical says Wii has huge FPS potential.

Or at least, Derek Littlewood did. In all the time the Wii has been out, FPS development has been going downhill when it should have been getting better. 1st generation wiimote controls all suffered in one way or another, but with Metroid Demos proving the IR Pointer's potential, Developers should have gotten the point. Instead, the FPS that hit the Wii in the first cycle, like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor are seeing cutbacks, leaving the Wii entirely, or sending in backbenchers. See the quote after the break.
Via Kotaku

by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 06 Sep 2007 23:14
Tags: 2 fps heroes honor medal mohh2 news of shooter video wii

WiiHD Currents: MoHH2 Gameplay Montage

I came across a gameplay montage on gametrailers.com today. Wikidot won't allow me to embed from that source, so I loaded it into youtube. See it after the break.
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