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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 13 Sep 2008 18:34
Tags: animales interview shooter wiiware zombie

Will Animales Go Retail Instead of WiiWare?


Is it possible that Animales de le Muerte, everyone's favorite Mexican Zoo Zombie Shooter, will go retail instead of WiiWare? According to Eric Nofsinger, High Voltage hasn't decided.

We are still working on Animales but aren't sure whether to make this another WiiWare game or maybe a full blown Wii title.

This is news to WiiHD. We thought Animales was already done and just waiting for Nintendo to choose a release date.

From the same interview, Eric says HVS is looking into Co-op mode options for The Conduit, but splitscreen isn't going to happen. The excuse? The same as WaWii's. Too much graphical fidelity. I'm guessing no one tipped them off that they could crank down the graphics for splitscreen. (Thanks to Gamefaqs user CatsBall for the heads-up on Conduit Multiplayer)

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by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 26 Aug 2008 19:31
Tags: currents dcwii horror zombie

Attack of the Killer Zombie Spider


Today, WiiHD headquarters was invaded. The invader was a seemingly mortal spider of significant girth. Of course, I know the risks of spider killing. Spiders, in addition to sometimes carrying thousands of too-small-to-kill babies on their back at a time, are also some of the most vindictive creatures alive, behind wasps, mothers-in-law, ants and moths (in that order). You kill one, and their family hunts you down and attacks in the wee hours of the night. This one was pretty big, and yet still had a slightly awkward appearance, like a big puppy whose paws indicate that it is nowhere near done growing, so I felt compelled to take lethal action. From a distance, of course.

Now by virtue of my trade, I'm accustomed to dealing with arachnids and I even deal with zombies. Today was the first day I dealt with a killer zombie spider. Apparently, it had no family left to avenge its death, but that was not enough to undo its grudge-holding ways. There I was cowering behind a spray can with a comforting "kills on contact" label, and although it seemed to take about 20 seconds longer than the label advertised, gingantospider did eventually succumb to the poison, and comfortingly advertised this by flipping to its back, twitching a couple more times, and then going still.

I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed momentarily. I slowly began to hum the opening bars of the Rocky theme in preparation for my victory lap around the water cooler when the spider flipped back over and began dragging itself towards me on its front two legs. * pauses to locate source of sudden errie background music *

Currently, gingantoundeadspider is underneath a bucket, weighted down by several books, a brick, my office fridge and an industrial size copy machine. Did I mention he seems stronger now? Decapitation seems like the smartest move, but I gotta tell you, I'm not 100% where his head ends and his body starts. Right now I'm considering flushing him while I research that point, I just want to know if he'll mutate in the sewers and come back twice my size. I mean, I know he'll come back, but is he gonna grow down there?


by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
on 20 Aug 2008 23:50
Tags: dead-rising horror sandbox screens wii zombie

Dead Rising: Chop till You Drop Assets


In honor of the Leipzig Games Convention, Capcom is dumping new Chop till You Drop screens and video footage on us. There's a standard trailer, a gameplay trailer, and 18 new screens eagerly awaiting your attention.

Truth be told, zombies alone aren't really enough to get WiiHD psyched about a game. Been there, done that. But watching the game in action, it really looks to be open world, sandbox gaming done right. Watch in the gameplay trailer as Frank manages to use tons of random stuff from the environment to wade his way through hordes of zombies. Being in a mall would be nice enough on it's own, but having full run of the place and everything in it (including the food court) rocks. WiiHD would love to some more games of this style on Wii. Freedom in gaming is good.

But Dead Rising isn't just a pointless zombie-killing frenzy either. You've got scared and trapped townfolk to rescue, and a huge mystery to solve. Having a mission is good too.

Hey Treyarch, you want to prove you heart Wii? How about giving WaWii some decent public exposure. Call Capcom, they'll explain the process to you. Or hit the break and take a gander.

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