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If this Video hasn't been tagged yet, take the the time to add tags. Please tag in such a way that will help WiiHD show people related videos. Choose tags from these groups 1) type of video (montage, game [as in clan wars or scrimmages], tournament, glitch or howto), 2) the weapon (smg, hmg, shotgun, handgun, sniper, rifle, grenade, or melee), 3) map (City, Sewers, Port, Base, Monastery or Village), 4) Game type (DM, TDM, CTF) and 5) the persona of the maker or featured player and/or a clan tag.

Once this is tagged, we will use those tags to help viewers find similar videos. So be sure to only use the tags listed above. If you make up your own or misspell them, or use different abbreviations, our software won't match them to the right videos. You do not have to choose from each group, but the more groups you choose from, the better matches we get. If more than one weapon is featured, feel free to list them all (space permitting). If no weapon is featured, feel free not to list any. If multiple maps are featured, feel free to list them, if all or almost all are in the video, feel free not to tag for maps.

If you have questions about tagging, please click here and ask in that thread.