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August 7, 2007

Free Radical say Wii has huge FPS potential.

Or at least, Derek Littlewood did. In all the time the Wii has been out, FPS development has been going downhill when it should have been getting better. 1st generation wiimote controls all suffered in one way or another, but with Metroid Demos proving the IR Pointer's potential, Developers should have gotten the point. Instead, the FPS that hit the Wii in the first cycle, like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor are seeing cutbacks, leaving the Wii entirely, or sending in backbenchers.

Kotaku interviewed some Free radical personel, and had this little jewel at the end.

Littlewood said on a personal level he is intrigued with the new form of control the Wii offer to both gamers and developers.

"Personally, as a gamer, I think it has definite potential (as a first-person shooter controller)," he said. "It can be done, you can get really great FPS controls with the Wii. I think it has huge potential there."

This is a great step in the right direction. Here at WiiHD, we believe that those controls are what hardcore gaming will be all about in the 7th generation. If someone would just put everything together to deliver a complete 7th gen AAA experience, others will follow.